Alooba Pricing & Review: Is it a Good Value for Money?

Alooba pricing & review: Is it a good value for money

About Alooba

Alooba is a platform specializing in data and analytics assessment, empowering businesses to make data-driven hiring decisions. Their innovative approach ensures accurate evaluation of candidates’ data proficiency, from technical skills to practical application. Moreover, Alooba’s user-friendly interface streamlines the hiring process, making it both efficient and effective. In addition, their comprehensive analytics provide deep insights into candidate capabilities. Furthermore, Alooba supports continuous learning with tailored feedback and resources. This holistic method not only enhances hiring accuracy but also boosts team performance. As a result, companies can build stronger, data-savvy teams.

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Alooba Pricing

Alooba Pricing

Alooba provides both monthly and yearly pricing plans with an annual payment offering two months free on the Lite and Professional plans.

  • Lite (Basic skills testing): $300 per month or $3,000 per year.
  • Professional (Comprehensive skills testing): $690 per month or $6,900 per year.
  • Enterprise (Complex skills testing for large organizations): $20,000 per year with a minimum one-year contract.

For more information, you can visit Alooba’s pricing page.

Alooba Review: Key Features and Functionality

Wide Question Library

Alooba offers an extensive question library with thousands of questions spanning over 40+ skills, enabling organizations to measure the effectiveness of internal training initiatives without biases.

  • Pros: Provides a vast selection of questions to ensure comprehensive skill assessments.
  • Cons: The abundance of options may require time to curate the most relevant questions for specific needs.

Build Your Own Questions

Alooba allows you to create customized questions for candidate assessments. You can integrate your own questions with those from Alooba’s database to make an assessment that is as comprehensive and adaptable as you prefer.

  • Pros: Offers customization and flexibility to tailor assessments to specific requirements.
  • Cons: Creating custom questions can be time-consuming and may require subject matter expertise.

In-Browser SQL Test

Alooba enables live coding SQL tests directly in the browser. You can choose from expert-made questions or add your own, with automatic grading for scalable and objective hiring.

  • Pros: Facilitates practical assessment of SQL skills with real-time coding and automatic grading.
  • Cons: Candidates may need help with the in-browser coding environment.

Anti-Cheating Algorithms

Alooba employs advanced, undisclosed anti-cheating algorithms to maintain the integrity of assessments. Users can consult their Alooba account manager for more details.

  • Pros: Ensures the integrity of assessments with robust cheating prevention methods.
  • Cons: Lack of transparency about specific anti-cheating methods may raise concerns for some users.

Alooba Benchmarking Score

Alooba calculates a Benchmarking Score for each assessment based on historical data, providing an industry-based benchmark against which to compare candidates. This is ideal for creating new teams or when internal benchmarks are not strong.

  • Pros: Provides a reliable industry benchmark to assess candidates objectively.
  • Cons: It may need to account for specific organizational needs or unique candidate profiles fully.

Is Alooba the Right Choice for Your Team?

Alooba, an assessment platform specializing in data and analytics, offers a wide array of tests and questions developed by industry leaders from leading companies in the field. To determine if it suits your team’s needs, you must consider what other Alooba customers think about the software and whether their experiences correlate with your business objectives and requirements.

Alooba G2 Reviews

For instance, based on G2 reviews, Alooba receives an impressive overall score of 4.4 out of 5 with 12 reviews. Further exploring the ratings, the platform also achieves the following scores (out of 10):

  • Ease of Use Rating: 9.4/10
  • Quality of Support Rating: 9.8/10
  • Ease of Setup Rating: 10/10

How Does Xobin Compare to Alooba?

Xobin stands out as a leading option for organizations seeking reliable skills assessment and pre-employment testing solutions. With an impressive rating of 4.7 out of 5 from 226 reviews on G2 reviews, Xobin excels across multiple categories, demonstrating its prowess in various key aspects.

  • Ease of Use Rating: 9.2/10
  • Quality of Support Rating: 9.6/10
  • Ease of Setup Rating: 9.3/10
Alooba Compared to Xobin

Xobin receives more ratings and reviews than Alooba on G2. Reviewers favor Alooba for its superior support quality and ease of setup. However, when it comes to feature updates and roadmaps, Xobin is preferred over Alooba. Notably, they find Xobin’s direction more appealing and aligned with their expectations. This feedback highlights the significant advantages Xobin offers in terms of innovation and strategic planning. Therefore, Xobin’s approach is more favored, making it a superior choice for those seeking reliable and forward-thinking solutions.

When comparing Xobin to Alooba in terms of different features, Xobin stands out in several key areas:

Skill Assessment Variety

Xobin offers a wide range of skill assessment tests, including psychometric testing, coding assessments, and pre-employment testing. With over 2500 pre-made tests available, Xobin provides a comprehensive solution for evaluating candidates across various industries and roles.

AI-driven Evaluation

Xobin incorporates AI technology in its assessment process, with features like AI Evaluate for automated answer evaluation and AI-driven Communication Checker for enhancing communication skills assessment. These AI-driven tools streamline the evaluation process and provide valuable insights into candidate capabilities.

Video Interviewing Capabilities

Xobin offers automated video interviews as part of its hiring process, allowing recruiters to conduct on-demand video interviews with candidates. This feature eliminates the need for scheduling phone screenings and provides a more convenient and efficient way to assess candidate communication and presentation skills.

Browser Activity Monitoring

Xobin ensures test integrity through browser activity monitoring, which tracks all browser activities during assessments to prevent cheating and provide a fair evaluation process. This feature enhances the security and reliability of online assessments conducted through the platform.

Collaborative Hiring Tools

Xobin facilitates collaborative hiring with its platform, allowing multiple users to participate in the recruitment process and share insights, observations, and evaluations in real time. This team-centric approach ensures that all viewpoints are considered during candidate evaluation and decision-making.

Apart from these functionalities, Xobin offers a wide range of additional features designed to enhance your experience and streamline your hiring process.

Disclaimer: This blog features competitor information collected between May and June 2024. Sourced from publicly available data, market research, and insights at the time of writing. However, the competitive environment can shift rapidly. We do not ensure the completeness, accuracy, or timeliness of the information. Readers should independently verify details considering the industry’s dynamic nature.

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