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  Xobin is recognized as the top skill screening software
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HackerRank Alternative

The HackerRank alternative your team needs!

Not every role requires Data Structures and Algorithms skills. There is more to Tech hiring than coding tests. Xobin helps your organization with not just coding tests, but additionally, for over 800+ skills. These are spread across Aptitude, Marketing Psychometric testing and more. So if you are looking for software with compliant pre-employment tests, look no further. Our customers have publicly rated Xobin as the top technical skill assessment software. Check out our comparison and see why Xobin is your team’s alternative to HackerRank for work.

Why choose Xobin?

We are a platform solely built for the purpose of making the recruitment process faster and more efficient since we believe in providing the best service, not just once. Here are the few features that make us top-rated among our competitors.

Ease of use

Assess “N” number of candidates in a specified time by using Xobin that ensures a hassle free experience by managing high traffic.

Content Library

Xobin’s extensive library offers you a one-stop solution for recruiting across all domains carefully structured with a million questions that will achieve your hiring.

Quality of support

Xobins customer support is globally available 24/7 on 365 days.

Technical screening

You can select an Xobin assessment in over 15 programming languages or customize one as per role and requirement.

Ease of setup

Customizable API enables Xobin to work seamlessly and cooperatively with your core applications.


Xobin allows you to white label the assessments and customize your questions as well as the career page in one go.

Switch to Xobin. You deserve better than just average

Let’s talk facts. User Reviews and data collected from trusted online sources such as G2, Capterra, and Social Media clearly show exceeding in every assessment parameter. The other software struggles to touch the industry average.

Xobin User Ratings


Ease of Use

Rating : 9.1 / 10

Industry Average: 8.9


Quality of Support

Rating : 9.5 / 10

Industry Average: 9.1


Ease of Setup

Rating : 9.1 / 10

Industry Average: 8.8


Value for money

Rating : 4.8 / 5

Industry Average: 4.5



Rating : 4.6 / 5

Industry Average: 4.4

HackerRank User Ratings


Ease of Use

Rating :8.9 / 10

Industry Average: 8.9


Quality of Support

Rating : 9.2 / 10

Industry Average: 9.1


Ease of Setup

Rating : 8.4 / 10

Industry Average: 8.8


Value for money

Rating : 4.2 / 5

Industry Average: 4.5



Rating : 4.4 / 5

Industry Average: 4.4

The Difference between Xobin and HackerRank

HackerRank may be good for candidate practice and Hackathons. However, while using HackerRank for work, many businesses discover too late that, in addition to the “sticker price,” they’re forced to pay more to fully reap the benefits of implementing assessment software in their organization. This includes prices for additional data storage, additional admins, additional tests, niche skill tests, concurrent test takers, or premium plans for phone support or live chat sessions. 

On the other hand, many assessment tools hide the true cost of the software within complex pricing tables and legalese. Our affordable single-slab pricing makes it easy for you to grow, hire and expand your team, without worrying about money. We don’t want to fatten up our bottom line at the cost of your progress.

Why do Customers choose Xobin as the default HackerRank Alternative?

Xobin is a highly flexible software. Not boxed into just tech hiring and coding tests.
Tech Screening at entry level. Check. . Aptitude and Problem Solving. Check. .
Custom tests for senior hires. Check. . Niche IT and Framework tests. Check. .

Here we will walk you through the in-depth comparison so that you can see why organizations choose Xobin as the best HackerRank alternative for your Coding Assessments and Programming Tests.

Skill Library comparison

Aptitude Test
Sales Tests
Marketing Tests
MS Excel Tests
Finance and Accounting Tests
Project Management
HR, Admin and Virtual Assisstant Tests
Customer Service Tests
Coding Tests
IT, Cloud and DevOps Tests
Psychometric Tests

Usecase Comparison

University Recruitment & Campus Hiring at scale
Walk-in Drives
Tests for Lateral Hiring
Tech Screening and Coding Tests
Pre and Post Training Tests
Training and UpSkilling Tests
Assignment Based Tests & Project Submission

Platform Feature Comparison

Unlimited Test Takers. No Cap
Unlimited Assessments
Question Library of over 80,000 refreshed questions
Built-in Anti Cheating features
Validated Pre-built Job Specific Tests
Validated Pre-built Skill Specific Tests
Test Customization based on Role & Exp
Add your own questions
Automatic Scoring and Evaluation.
Branding and Whitelabelling
Integrations with ATS, HRMS
API Access and Webhooks
Timed and Untimed Assessments
Timer for Individual Questions
Setup Custom Benchmarks and Passing Criteria
Setup Test Deadlines and Reminders

Question Type Comparison

Multiple Choice Questions
Subjective and Descriptive Type Questions
Audio Based Questions
Video and Image Based Questions
Situational Judgement Questions
Coding Questions
Assignment and Project Upload Questions

Reporting Comparison

Cohort Level Report
Individual Detailed Report with Question-wise score
Candidate Summary and PDF Report Download
Export candidate reports in Excel
Sort, Filter, Shortlist by Score, Date
Candidate Proctoring Logs and Anti Cheating Data

Support Comparison

Email Support
Live Chat Support
Onboarding and Training
Account Manager (SPOC) for assistance
Custom Test Creation Support
Integration Support

Proctoring Comparison

Video Recorded Proctoring
Off Tab and Off Screen Warning
Right Click & Copy Paste Disable
Question Order Shuffling
Question Pool Randomizing
Web Monitoring of Leaked Questions

Disclaimer: All data has been collected from publicly available data as of September 2022. However, in some cases, some information may have changed since this page was published. Reach out to us at [email protected] to make any reparation on this page. 

Choose the Right Alternative to HackerRank

Your hiring team needs more than a better Hackerrank alternative. Choose the top skill assessment tool. Still not convinced? Take Xobin for spin.