Year in Review: The Best of 2020

When we started a year a simple thought struck our mind tools like Google Forms, Type Forms offer unlimited form completions. Why should assessment platforms be any different? 

We started the year by making a change in the way assessments are used. For the first time, we introduced the concept of unlimited assessment invites for a simple monthly subscription.  We came up with a new pricing model which allowed our customers to start from 99 USD. We only put a limit on the simultaneous test-takers, so customers who are conducting campus drive and recruitment events should opt for a higher plan. Find below our pricing.

Xobin Pricing Page
Xobin Pricing

As months passed by, in February, we realized the need to introduce a new home page for our admin dashboard where customers can quickly review the overall recruitment process. We introduced a simple interface where our customers can see the recent reports, the live test-takers, and lastly the overall assessment statistics. Find below the layout of the Home page.

Xobin Tool Homepage

By May, the volume of the assessments conducted in our platform increased significantly. Customers started finding it difficult to crunch numbers via the excel export. So we decided to launch simple filters on the “All reports” page. The All reports page shows the off tab activity of test-takers, whether they are qualified or not, and most importantly the ability to shortlist candidates. Find below the layout of the “all reports” page.

layout of the Xobin “all reports” page

We also sensed the increased demand for Live & Recorded video interviews during the lockdown and offered both the service free for all the startups till June.  Our engineers spend all their time fixing bugs,  and ironing out all the little intricacies, and made sure the video interviews platform worked seamlessly. While our product team was working on adding new features, our content team was busy expanding our test portfolio. We partnered with subject matter experts across the world and expanded our test portfolio from 50 Job Roles to over 500 Different white collar Job roles. 

Xobin test portfolio

The size of the assessments started increasing and our customers found it hard to keep scrolling down the report, we solved this by redesigning a report which can easily be navigated. Find below the screenshot of the detailed report.

the screenshot of the detailed Xobin report

Apart from these major changes, we improved the performance of our platform by over 5 times. We also introduced new compilers and improved the test taker experience by improving their interface.  We have got great plans for 2021! Make sure to tune in to Xobin Talk Show every month. Stay tuned.