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Top HR Podcasts


It cannot be easy to keep up with the fast changes as well as recruitment trends. So, to keep us all updated with the trends, we have HR influencers to share valuable information with their followers. A lot of these influencers share their insight via best HR podcasts channels.

Podcasts allow influencers to create content in video and audio formats. They are making it easily accessed and viewed by a wide audience, making it an effective platform for sharing information and engaging with their followers.

These HR influencers with their top HR podcasts share useful information and insights with their followers. At the same time, top HR podcasts let influencers create videos that are easily accessed and viewed by a wide audience. So this makes it an effective platform for sharing trends as well as engaging with the audience.

Therefore, we have created a list of 20 best HR podcasts for our HR community to follow. Let us take you through all of them one by one.

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Workology Podcast:

Workology is a leading best HR Podcast in the talent and acquisition industry. Jessica Miller Merrell tells stories about human resources and works in this podcast.

At Workology, She hosts interviews with leading experts from the industry. With each episode, she studies different fields related to the world of work, including hiring plans, employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, and more. Also, it helps professionals and workplace leaders access resources, data, training and support to upgrade themselves tete-a-tete and professionally.

So, with over 250 episodes, it is helpful for HRs with different HR tech as well as service providers. Therefore, Workology podcast is for all HR communities. Also, for aspiring HR candidates, it is a must-listen.

The Talent Development Hot Seat:

Andy Storch, an ace in leadership and talent growth, hosts the one of the best HR podcast ‘The Talent Development Hot Seat.’ The podcast is dedicated to helping talent development professionals stay up-to-date on the latest trends, strategies and best practices. 

In this podcast, each episode features interviews with talent development leaders, consultants and experts from various industries. These guests in the podcast share their insights and views on the challenges and opportunities facing the field. Storch brings over a decade of experience in talent development and leadership to the podcast. He has worked with various organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, helping them develop and implement talent development strategies that drive business success.

With over 200 episodes available, the podcast covers various topics. Also, it has featured a wide range of guests, including leaders from companies such as Google, LinkedIn, and Walmart. Therefore, each episode offers a unique perspective HR community as well as best practices in the field.

HR Leaders Podcast:

Whether you’re a seasoned HR professional or new, the HR Leaders is one podcast provides valuable insights and advice to help you succeed.

HR Leaders is a top HR podcast featuring discussions with top HR chiefs and thought leaders worldwide. Hosted by Chris Rainey, founder of HR Leaders, the podcast provides insights as well as a great inspiration for HR professionals. Also, it motivates leaders looking to stay ahead of the curve and drive positive change.

HR leaders have over 200 episodes full of insights and motivation for their listeners. On the other hand, each talk is an in-depth discussion with experts in the field. Hence, with its attractive form, the podcast is a go to for all HR enthusiasts.

The CIPD Podcast:

The CIPD podcast is produced by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), a professional organization for HR and people development professionals based in the UK. 

In this podcast Nigel Cassidy covers various topics related to HR and people development, with insights and advice for professionals in the field. At the same time, he talks with leading experts in HR and people development. As a result, each episode offers insights and strategies for navigating the complex and changing world of HR and people development. On the other hand, the podcast also covers leadership development, diversity and inclusion, employee engagement, organizational culture, and more.

With over 100 episodes available, the CIPD podcast is one of the leading resources for HR and people development professionals. Their mission is to promote excellence in the HR community with industry insights, advice as well as resources for professionals in the field.

The Employer Branding Podcast:

The Employer Branding Podcast is hosted by Jorgen Sundberg, a social media branding expert specializing in employer branding. The podcast focuses on the importance of employer branding in HR. On the other hand, it advises companies with insights on building and promoting their employer brand.

Meanwhile, Sundberg’s vast experience and industry expertise give him valuable insights. So, he shares plans for HR experts and leaders looking to enhance their employer brand. Therefore, focusing on the latest trends and practices, the podcast offers listeners practical advice and case studies. It also guides them to build a strong and effective employer brand.

With over 150 episodes available, the Employer Branding Podcast features interviews with a range of HR experts. Also, with executives and thought leaders, providing listeners with a diverse range of perspectives on the latest trends and challenges in employer branding.

HR Works podcast:

Madeleine Collins, the content specialist and the staff at HR Daily Advisor for HR professionals, hosts the HR Works podcast. The podcast provides insights and practical advice on various HR topics, including employee engagement, talent management, compliance, and more.

Her easy to talk to style makes the podcast an interesting and insightful resource for anyone interested in the world of HR. On the other hand, each episode provides a deep dive into a specific topic or challenge. Also, she offers practical advice and strategies to help listeners stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly changing world of work.

With over 200 episodes available, the HR Works podcast features interviews with various HR experts and chiefs in the industry. Hence, this helps listeners with diverse perspectives on the latest trends in HR.

The HR Break Room Podcast:

The HR Break Room podcast is hosted by Morgan Beard and previously by Caleb Masters, a reporter and HR professional with extensive experience in the industry. The podcast discusses various HR topics, including employee engagement, talent management, compliance, and more.

Masters and Fair’s approachable and conversational style makes the podcast interesting and easy to stick to. Meanwhile, the podcast helps listeners stay notified and uplifted. Also, it offers practical insights to help drive success in their companies. So, with its real-world case studies, the HR Break Room podcast gives insightful advice to the industry by HR professionals and business leaders today.

Therefore, with over 100 episodes available, the HR Break Room podcast features interviews with a wide range of industry leaders. Hence, each HR Break Room podcast episode gives valuable insights and advice to help you grow in your career.

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The Talent Economy Podcast:

Hosted by team of Toptal, The Talent Economy podcast covers talent and leadership development. The podcast provides insights and practical advice on various talent-related topics, including leadership growth, talent attraction and workforce operations.

Expertise from Toptal brings together thought leaders, staffing experts, and top freelancers. So, in this, they talk about the changing nature of work and how companies can navigate these changes to attract talent that will alter the course of their business. Therefore, this ensures success as the pace amidst challenges.

With over 200 episodes available, the Talent Economy is one of the top HR podcast. Also, it now has a choice and this is pushing companies to change.

The HR Happy Hour Podcast:

The HR Happy Hour podcast is a long-running podcast. Launched in 2009, Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane host The HR Happy Hour Media Network.

The podcast has various shows focused on Human Resources, management, leadership, and workforce technology. Also, provides listeners with insights and advice on various HR topics. Boese and McFarlane’s engaging and conversational style makes the podcast an informative and entertaining resource for HR professionals and business leaders.

With over 500 episodes available, the HR Happy Hour podcast has featured a wide range of guests. Such as, HR leaders, Academics, practitioners, consultants, and authors to talk about the most timely, relevant, and challenging issues impacting work and workplaces today. Therefore, making it a must on your list to listen.

HR Rescue:

HR Rescue is a podcast hosted by an experienced HR rockstar and consultant, Jenni Stone

Stone’s expertise and experience in the field, she shares her valuable advice on HR-related topics and trends. Also, it helps HR professionals navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of HR and employment law. 

With over 60 episodes available, HR Rescue covers a wide range of HR and employment law topics. Also covers topics on discrimination, harassment, wage and hour issues, and more. Therefore this podcast is a must-listen for anyone looking to stay in touch with the world of HR.

Top Podcasts for HR Community 2

Josh Bersin Academy:

Josh Bersin is a well-known HR industry analyst, speaker, and writer. Also, he is the founder of “Josh Bersin Academy.” As well as he is a research and advisory firm helping with insights on talent management, leadership growth, and HR tech.

In his podcast “The Josh Bersin Show,” he interviews thought leaders and industry experts. Also, of executives on various topics on HR talent management and the future of work. Therefore, the podcast covers a wide range of topics, such as leadership development, employee engagement, digital transformation, and the impact of AI on the workforce.

Each episode provides valuable insights and practical advice for HR professionals and business leaders looking to improve their talent management practices and stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing business landscape.

The Chad and Cheese Podcast:

Hosts Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are ‘here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts’ as they put it themselves. Whereas it touches the HRs most breaking points on recruitment news, loads of talks on current trends and many more.

The Podcast is active since 2019 and since then taking the challenges on its talk. Meanwhile, Chad and Joel don’t shy away from asking difficult questions or sharing their controversial opinion while putting on a great show with helpful information for the HR community.

Therefore, the Chad and Cheese Podcast brings a different sound to the world of best HR podcasts. You can listen to them via The Chad & Cheese Podcast, iTunes, Spotify, and more.

HR unConfidential A Podcast:

The HR unConfidential A Podcast is hosted by friends Turiya Gray and Gina Flaig. They experienced few downsides of being in HR and share them in the podcast as well as share insights on the field. As a result podcast covers wide range of topics that could benefit people and enhance their work experience.

The podcast has grown to have a variety of listeners, including HR professionals. In each episode, they aim to give a glimpse of behind the scenes. On the other hand, be a resource for anyone wanting to successfully navigate today’s workplace.

Therefore, making it an an informative and entertaining podcast that offers a behind-the-scenes look at life in Human Resources and what’s really happening in the workplace.

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The HR Social Hour Half Hour Podcast:

HR pros Jon Thurmond and Wendy Dailey used to conduct this podcast. This podcast began by featuring the career journeys of senior HR leaders, including CHROs. Therefore, in this podcast they talked with motivated other practitioners about connecting, giving back, and building your network.

As our journey evolved in their 350+ shows, they talked with phenomenal speakers as well as thought leaders of the industry. Also, with the consultants whose contributions to the field of HR and leadership development were important to include. The end result is a podcast and networking community to help aspiring HR leaders to listen, learn and leverage. We hope you enjoy.

If you want to learn more through industry leaders. By listening to their insights and perspectives on the work this podcast is one must listen for you.

The HR Coffee Time podcast:

Working in HR can be tough but it doesn’t have to be! So, sit down with a cup of coffee and listen to the HR Coffee Time podcast Hosted by hosted by career coach, Fay Wallis. So, give your full attention for tips and advice on how to create a career in HR that works for you.

Fay understands many of the challenges that you’re up against as she used to work in HR and has coached many HR professionals. So, she started creating free resources to help. As a result, this podcast of her is a mixture of solo episodes as well as experts and thought leaders of the industry. Also, with the coaches invited onto the show to share their ideas on how to have a successful HR career without burning out.

If you like to learning on new things and trends listen to new episodes every weekly.

Redefining Work Podcast:

A leader, author and a Podcaster Lars Schmidt is the Founder of Amplify. With his work he helps next generation of leaders through HR executive search to connects, develops, and empower as well as through learning and leadership development. Also, he’s an author of the bestselling Redefining HR book and Host of the Redefining Work podcast. 

Redefining Work is a podcast exploring the new world of work. Therefore, each week Lars talks with big thinkers and doers and shapers of what work looks like today – and tomorrow. On the other hand, podcast highlights achievers, innovators, creators, builders, and convention crushers. As a result, making it a conversational. Therefore, bringing real insights, experience and stories from a range of business leaders and chiefs of HRs around the world.

If you are you new to Redefining Work and wondering where to start? Listen to this podcast

Big Fish in the Talent Pool:

Big Fish in the Talent Pool Podcast is hosted by Erin McDermott Peterson, a former Global Head of Talent Acquisition and RPO General Manager. Today, it rated among 100 Top HR and Recruiting Podcasts. In this podcast Erin interviews global leaders, chiefs as well as the Industry thought leaders in Talent Acquisition about the joys and challenges of TA Leadership.

As a result of this the podcast covers topics from candidate experience to HR tech in recruitment, employment branding, RPO decisions. Also, talks about partnerships with global organizations that follow the sun where no topic is off limits.

Therefore, Big Fish is perfect for corporate recruiters, aspiring or current TA leaders, executive search partners. Also, for TA product vendors.

Talking HR Trends with Natal and Tom:

Natal Dank of PXO culture and Tom Haak of the HR Trend Institute hosts the Talking HR trends with Natal and Tom podcast. Interestingly, about a year back they decided to work on a series of current HR trends. Also, on topics of culture, people operations as well as organizational change and development.

They now have over 40 episodes of ‘Talking HR Trends with Natal and Tom’ podcast. All of these episodes share great insights and knowledge on topics ranging from Ethical Leadership and DEI to Performance Management and the return-to-work conversation.

All this changes are happening rapidly after the pandemic. So, it’s been a really interesting time just for workplace change in general. Therefore, all of these fun is a must watch in this podcast.

Punk Rock HR Podcast:

Punk Rock HR or as previously called Lets Fix Work hosted by Laurie Ruettimann. She is one of our Top HR influencers and HR leaders to follow in 2023. Laurie is an influential HR thought leader, speaker, and writer and a podcaster. She has a keen eye on finding the mistakes in the workplaces so her focus is on creating more fulfilling and productive workplaces.

Also, with this podcast she explores the changing nature of work and HR. Therefore, with each episode features interviews with HR professionals, business leaders, and experts in various fields, discussing topics such as employee engagement, leadership, workplace culture, and personal development.

Her podcast is not only about workplace philosophy but also full of insights and creative ideas. Therefore, it is recommended for all the people who seek growth and not only for HR’s.

HR Sound Off Podcast:

Host Julie Turney, podcasting from Barbados, helps her audience know the human side of HR professionals. She started The HR Sound Off podcast in December 2019. Since then, she is helping and sharing HR professionals struggles and fears.

The guests on this podcast are all sorts of fascinating people of industry. Such as, CHRO’s and chiefs of the company to impact architects, authors, and former HR professionals. Therefore in each episode she discussed the current events in the industry, best hrpractices as well as the HR trends and many more topics.

Hence, this podcast is a must listen to know in and outs of the industry and HR profession.

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On a final note:

In conclusion, We would say these are the HR podcasts covering all the topics and challenges for all the HR community.

Whether you want to learn from an expert as well as grow you knowledge base. Also, if you want to be aware of the latest developments in HR and recruitment or just want to hear interesting stories on human resource or the future of work, this list of best HR podcasts will definitely help you get started!

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