Pre-Employment Assessments for Volume Hiring: A Brief Guide

Interviews are pivotal assessment tools during the employment process. In today’s technologically advanced world, pre-employment assessments are emerging as an innovative hiring technique. The Human Resource managers adopt a data-driven approach to assess the potential employees. The aim is to gain increased and accurate information about the capabilities of the candidates.

This article highlights the main concepts of pre-employment assessments and their significant role in the modern hiring process. 

What are Pre-Employment Assessments?

Pre-employment assessments or pre-hire assessments are tests to evaluate the determinative skills and competencies of job applicants. They are an indispensable tool for volume hiring, that is, for hiring a large pool of qualified resources in a defined period. What differentiates these assessments from regular interviews is the use of contemporary assessment techniques. Skills assessments are emerging tools to identify, compare, and hire the most suitable resource for the job. 

A few of the standard pre-employment tests are as below:

  • Job Knowledge Test
  • Technical and Soft Skills Test 
  • Cognitive Ability Test 
  • Integrity or Honesty Test 
  • Behavioral or Personality Test
  • Physical Ability Test
  • Emotional Intelligence Test
  • Situational Judgement Test
  • Company Fit Test

Virtual Pre-Employment Assessments

Virtual or online assessments are a qualitative method of evaluating candidates for high-volume hiring. It is a new-age digital technology that aids in remote pre-employment testing. It screens a multitude of candidates from remote locations. Thus, you can interview more candidates in less time in one place.

The two approaches to virtual pre-hire assessments are – 

  • One-way virtual interviews – you present the questions to candidates in a text or pre-recorded video form. Candidates record their responses and submit them to you. This approach provides you with the flexibility of asking the same set of questions from all the applicants and comparing the pre-recorded responses.
  • Two-way virtual interviews – you conduct live interviews with the candidates, either in one-to-one or panel-interview format. You can give scores and feedback on a real-time basis. 

Virtual pre-employment assessments provide a holistic view of candidates and their profiles. They enable you to assess their communication, comprehension, and critical-thinking skills interactively. The qualitative results supplement the quantitative assessment data of other interview rounds to pre-select the candidates. 

Secure Pre-Employment Assessments

It refers to the online pre-employment tests that allow candidates to take online assessments in a secured and proctored environment. Video recording and complete lock-down browser features ensure remote proctoring of the online tests. 

Benefits of Pre-Employment Assessments for Volume Hiring

  • Reduces the time, effort, and costs involved in screening, pre-selecting, and hiring the right fit for your organization.
  • Improves the quality of hire, thus reducing employee turnover or attrition in the long run.
  • Enhances overall candidate satisfaction and experience of giving interviews in your organization.
  • Aids hiring managers in making data-driven employment decisions. Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technology enable them to predict future job performance and engagement of candidates.
  • Enables precise evaluation to assess applicants’ responses and automatically select the qualified ones.
  • Fast-tracks the volume hiring process and enables HR managers to focus on talent development.


The extensive pre-hire assessments can help you in sketching a detailed profile of the prospective candidates. But the tool is not devoid of the challenges and limitations. These are enumerated below:

  1. The different tests may generate ambiguous and conflicting results. 
  1. The tests cannot accurately assess the learning aptitude of the candidates.
  1. The difference in age, culture, gender, and ethnicity makes it hard to do a fair and equitable assessment.
  1. The mishmash of different pre-employment assessment tests may impact the candidate experience in a negative way. It may cause higher drop-off rates and lower candidate satisfaction scores.
  1. Automated tests cannot differentiate between accurate and fluff information.


  • Define the target skills of your candidates clearly. Tailor the specific skills assessments as per the target skills that you want to measure.
  • Eliminate tests that will not deliver concrete results. A ‘one-size-fits-all’ technique does not work well, especially in the case of volume hiring. Hence, conduct only the skills assessments that measure the specific competencies. The results must facilitate future employment decisions.
  • Ensure that the pre-employment assessments are privacy legislation compliant. They should provide a delightful and engaging experience to the candidates.
  • Adopt a flexible and integrated assessment approach for different job roles. Align them with the overall organizational objectives and specific requirements of the open job position.
  • Conduct tests as early as possible in the hiring process to save cost and time.

Recruitment Software – An Innovative Solution to Pre-employment Assessments

Invest in an advanced recruitment software that designs, plans, and administers the pre-employment assessments in your organization. It uses AI-driven data and technology to help you assess the quality of the hires. It scientifically measures diverse parameters of candidate profile (such as aptitude, proficiency, culture fit, etc.). It also predicts how long the candidate will stay with the organization. 

You can customize this software to create pre-employment test flows for different job positions. You can add, delete, and modify the content of the tests as per your requirements. The scientifically validated, data-driven algorithms calculate the assessment scores of candidates applying for a job position. You can analyze and compare these scores to make the right hiring decision. This technologically advanced software also allows you to add colors, images, and videos to the assessments.


Pre-employment assessments are emerging as efficient recruitment tools. They improve the quality of hire and the efficiency of the recruitment process. The advanced data collection and analysis techniques save the time and cost of volume hiring. The key to gaining maximum benefits is to focus on qualitative rather than quantitative pre-employment assessments. The new-age recruitment software provides innovative solutions to recruiters to conduct pre-employment tests for volume hiring.

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