Top HR Professionals To Follow On LinkedIn In 2020

 Top HR professionals to follow on 
LinkedIn in 2020

The obligation of the Human Resource Division has gone from the customary ‘hire and fire’ to a comprehensive position, concentrating on another part of the organization like taking care of employee engagement. Human Resource experts are the soul of the organization, on the grounds that their main responsibility is to guarantee that the business capitalizes on its representatives. In other words, the human resource department needs to provide a high return on the business’s investment in its people.

Here we have compiled a list of HR professionals based on their LinkedIn profiles who will be worth looking out for in the upcoming year. 

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We Have Listed Noteworthy 30 HR Professionals to follow on LinkedIn in 2020


Name:  Amy Dwyer



Role: Director of Human Resources

Company: 3play Media

Amy has got 14+ years of experience working for both private and public companies in the field of Human Resources. It’s been known that Amy is a fantastic mentor and manager. She has in-depth knowledge on all the areas of Human Resources and ensures that she is current in all laws, policies, and procedures. Amy’s expertise includes employee relations, performance management, mergers and acquisitions, coaching and mentoring, recruitment and retention, and succession planning. 


Name: Adrianna De Battista 


Role: Head of Recruiting

Company: Scale AI

Adrianna is known to be a stellar Recruiting Coordinator! She has great attention to detail and superior follow-up skills. Adrianna never seems fazed when things are hectic and always keeps a really positive and upbeat attitude at work. She has a stunning career as a recruiter as she has worked in all the big tech enterprises you ever heard of. She started her career in salesforce as a recruiting coordinator further moving to Google, Facebook, and Lyft. She currently works as a Head of Recruiting in Scale.AI. 


Name: Courtney Shanklin


Role: Director of Human Resource

Company: Collab

Courtney’s knowledge, professionalism, calm, and genuine care is what make her the best workplace leader you could possibly have. Courtney is also a really fantastic human being. She is able to connect in a personal and sincere way with her co-workers. Her presence in the office lifted morale more than all the free coffee and breakfasts ever could. Her willingness to listen and caring attitude make her the ad hoc office therapist. She genuinely cares about people but is fair and critical enough to see issues from multiple perspectives. Courtney is incredibly helpful to those who ask but is not afraid to put the gloves on.


Name: Connie Clark



Role: Senior Director Human Resources

Company: Worksoft

Connie is a passionate, result-oriented, strategic hands, on-HR leader. It’s a known fact that Connie is a powerhouse!!! Her stamina, perseverance, and focus push her and her teams through projects effortlessly. She knows exactly what she wants to achieve and why and therefore never gives in to tough circumstances. Connie is an expert at improving systems, positively impacting the people around her and improving the brand of any organization she works for. Connie is experienced in launching and establishing HR Department operations in startups or high growth environments while ensuring they are fully compliant. Her expertise includes Coaching, Compensation & Benefits, Compliance & HR Law, HR Department Start-Ups, etc.


Name: David Kuhl


Role: EVP, Chief Human Resource Officer

Company: ACI Worldwide

David is a talented Human Resources Professional who promotes a positive work environment and is a knowledgeable resource on a wide array of subject matters pertaining to HR. He is an excellent communicator, skilled in building relationships and communicating his vision to the team and a collaborator who understands the talent acquisition process delivers results and shares his knowledge of implementing successful talent acquisition strategies. He is a passionate and innovative leader driven to optimize individual, team and organizational performance in complex, global organizations.


Name: Deborah McDonough


Role: Human Resources – Administrative Director

Company: Cycorp

Deborah is a perfectionist, Who intends to be a problem solver and has the ability to implement work place changes with positive outcomes. she possesses extensive experience providing the full spectrum of Human Resources services including Compliance, Benefits Management and Wellness Engagement. Deborah has a versatile spectrum of HR experiences including: Onboarding, training, HR systems, vendor management, mergers & acquisitions, process improvement, data analysis, employee relations, customer service, and so much more. 


Name: Ernest Yuen


Role: Director of Human Resources

Company: Agari

An action-oriented HR Professional who translates business visions into HR initiatives. A people’s champion that supports employees and management with a pragmatic approach. Ernest has an uplifting presence in the office and it transcends to his team and company as a whole.


 Elisabeth Le Sourne


Role: Director of Human Resources

Company: Attivio

Elisabeth is a pro-active HR professional with 12+ years of progressively responsible strategic and tactical HR Management in hyper growth tech environments. Elisabeth is skilled in partnering with executive teams to achieve global business and growth objectives.Elisabeth embodies the startup culture and will do whatever it takes to build and maintain a top notch team. 


Name: Faith Atkins


Role: Senior Director Global Human resources

Company: Crownpeak

Faith is a business professional with highly proficient Human Resources management and generalist skills with a demonstrative ability to drive positive results within large and geographically dispersed employee groups in Fortune 500 companies and mid-sized companies. Faith has the ability to provide recommendations for business-centric solutions which resulted in desirable outcomes. Her expertise includes Organizational Development, Human Resources Strategy, Performance Management, Talent Assessment, Talent & Leadership Development, Management Coaching, Succession Planning.


Name: Jen Troy



Role: AVP, Human Resources

Company: TeamDynamix 

Jen is a forward-thinking Human resource professional with 10+ years of experience in all the areas of Human Resource. The most admired ability of Jen is to negotiate difficult situations with poise and aplomb. Her Expertise includes external branding and social media, vendor management, pre-employment screening and selection, on-boarding, and talent acquisition process and system improvements. Folks looking a mentor on the above-mentioned topics.


Name: Jeff Bauman 


Role: Director of Global Human Resources

Company:  SMA Technologies

Jeff a highly effective Human Resources Director / Business Partner with SHRM-SCP and SPHR certifications plus significant breadth and depth of experience. Jeff is acknowledged as a strong leader who not only meets but exceeds both client and company expectations while helping increase revenue and reduce cost. Jeff has experience over strategy, change management, coaching, people development, talent management, workforce planning, consulting, talent acquisition, benefits and compensation, training, HR policy development, and legal compliance.


Name: Julianne Wayton


Role: Director of Human Resources

Company: Dakota Software

Julianne an ardent & experienced Human Resources Business Partner with a demonstrated history of working with technical professionals. In Dakota software Julianne is responsible for planning, designing, developing and evaluating human resource-related initiatives to support organizational strategic goals. Julianne is Skilled in Employee Relations, Immigration, Talent Acquisition, and International Relations.


Name: Joel Baroody


Role: Head of Recruiting

Company: Brex

Joel is a smart and thoughtful leader. Beyond quantifiable accomplishments, Joel has a knack for business, a great sense of quality, and is consistently reflecting on opportunities to improve. Joel handles stress at work very well and keeps an even-keel and approachable demeanor which engenders communication, partnering, and trust. He is reliably present and available for management support (chat, text, email, phone, F2F). He knows the details of the recruiting function, clients, processes, and cross-functional partners, and can push the right levers to remove a roadblock.


Name: Jeff Durante


Role: Senior Recruiter 

Company:  Faire

Jeff is an energetic and creative senior recruiter with a very strong understanding of the current local hiring market as well as industry trends in markets that span globally. Jeff has a positive outlook towards every situation which is contagious and makes the collaboration required to build teams automatic. Jeff’s best ability is to handle a high volume of competing priorities simultaneously, driving results.


Name:  Jolene Bishop


Role: Senior Director Human Resources

Company:  Wave Recruiter

Jolene is acknowledged to excel at managing HR operations and implement solutions that deliver a bottom-line impact aligned with business objectives. Jolene is a creative thinker and decision-maker who effectively balances the needs of employees with the mission of the organization. Jolene’s proficiency includes Compliance & Policy Development, HR Operations & Systems, immigration & Global HR, etc


Name:  Katie Burgoon


Role: ​Head of People

Company: Cameo

Katie a human Capital leader with a passion for cultivating and driving all facets of Human Resources with innovation, energy, strategic vision, and seamless execution. Katie has a proven track record in an entrepreneurial environment where the Human Capital function has been critical in selecting, engaging, retaining, and building teams of outstanding contributors.


Name:  Kristin Darois


Role: HR Talent Manager

Company: COINS

Kristin is an HR professional with 12+ years of experience working for a Fortune 500 company through a variety of business cycles, in both generalist and specialist roles. She has proven experience in all aspects of employee relations strategy and execution. Kristin believes that the best HR partnerships are built from strong genuine relationships with our leaders and employees. Trust and candor combined with understanding our business priorities is the foundation for success.


Name: Liz Willette


Role: Director of Human Resources

Company: PerformLine

As the Director of Human Resources and Talent Acquisition at PerformLine, Liz ensures that current employees are satisfied, successful, and growing while bringing on new talent to further grow and improve the team. Liz makes sure that the company stays ahead in the fast-paced and technologically driven atmosphere.


Name: Lauren South


Role:  Director, Human Resources

Company: Identity Automation

Lauren sees herself as an advocate for the employee who is responsible for leading the efforts to maintain a positive work experience. Though not a task that can be completed by one person alone, she is taking charge and energizing both management and employees across departments to work together and achieve the shared mission of fostering an environment where people want to work. Lauren also created a comprehensive new hire orientation program that allowed new employees to get one-on-one time with each department head and implemented an employee recognition program called “You Earned It”.


Name: Maria Koshechkina


Role: Strategic Sourcing Manager

Company: Domio

Maria is a persistent and goal-seeking person. She strives to accomplish challenging tasks and is open to new knowledge and experience trying to broaden her expertise in project management, supply chain, and project development. Her Proficiency Includes international suppliers, leading projects and delivering tangible financial and operational efficiencies. Maria is recognized for the ability to develop global action plans and proactive results aligned with business objectives.


Name: Marianna Williams


Role: HR & Recruiting Manager

Company: SimpleBet

Marianna is an HR professional with extensive experience in both corporate and startup tech companies. Marianna is the first HR hire at the company. She Manages all the HR functions at Simplebet, a Sports Betting tech startup, where most of her focus lies in HR business partnering, talent acquisition, and talent development strategies.


Name: Marta Pinilla Aguilar


Role: Head of Recruiting 

Company: Airtable

Marta is an amazing Human Resource professional with a result driving attitude. It’s a known fact that Marta is extremely responsive, knowledgeable and accommodating. Marta is the best person to have as the first point of contact with potential recruits. 


Name: Nadia Dizaji


Role: Recruiting Manager 

Company: Verkada

Nadia is one of those people who is always looking for what she can do next. She is constantly looking to see how she can better her team. Nadia is proficient in Sales Recruiting, Technical Recruiting, Management, and Start-ups.


Name: Peggy Myers


Role: Human Resources Director

Company: Levatas 

Peggy is a multi-talented and highly skilled human resources professional that operates with the highest levels of integrity and ethics. An effective communicator and negotiator, she is level-headed and comfortable in any situation. People admire Peggy’s ability to remain professional and focused during stressful times; always positive and energetic. She has expertise over organizational design, succession planning, training and development, performance management, employee relations, compensation, benefits, payroll, and leadership coaching.


Name: Ranjith Sivasankaran


Role: Senior Manager Talent Acquisition

Company: Adobe

Ranjith is a well-organized resource manager with excellent understanding in his field of business, adding values to the organization. Ranjith belongs to the rare species of recruiting talent who has mastered both the brick and the click way of hiring. Ranjith mixes solid sourcing experience with Web 2.0 recruiting skills amazingly. Ranjith understands his requirement right, explains it well to his recruitment partner & very good at following up the same till the time of closure. Ranjith is ardent about finding, nurturing and hiring highly specialized talent. He approaches recruiting the same way as a forensic investigator would approach solving a case.


Name: Rameet Singh


Role: Head of Recruiting

Company: Ejento

Rameet is highly personable and an expert at technical recruitment. He is an extremely hardworking and knowledgeable recruiter, sales manager and business professional. He is great at describing opportunities to people who are searching for work, and when it comes to marketing a new position there is nobody that can top him. Rameet is an outstanding individual with something to offer just about anyone in the business world.


Name: Stephanie Lazanich


Role: Director, Human Resource

Company: 1 EDI Source, Inc.

Stephanie, a phenomenal HR resource who always seemed to have her finger squarely on the pulse. Stephanie is a great communicator and her attention to detail is second to none. As an HR professional, she is on a mission to make a progressive impact with employees while providing a collaborative environment with leadership and staff to promote an engaging atmosphere, and in return, enabling a positive influence in business operations.


Name: Shawna Crochet


Role: Director of Human Resources

Company: Veriforce

Shawna an accomplished, results-driven Senior Human Resources Professional with 15+ years of experience establishing internal HR departments focused on increasing efficiencies, engaging employees, and developing a winning culture for industry-leading employers with aggressive growth strategies. Shawna has experience in evaluating and implementing benefit options that reduce company costs while enhancing employee morale. Shawna’s core strengths are Create HR Departments from Ground Up, Talent Acquisition & Retention Planning, Employee Training & Development, Strategic HR Business Partner, Mergers & Acquisitions.


Name: Samantha Gottschalk


Role: Director, People Programs

Company: Amperity

Samantha is a highly motivated and result-driven HR professional, who is ardent about people, company building, and producing results that drive businesses forward. Samantha has driven the recruiting process at Amperity from a highly effective means to attract the best talent possible, to a team that now spans multiple people in recruiting and onboarding operations, ensuring every new employee has the best ramp-up possible.


Name: Tracie Meier


Role: Global Human Resources Leader

Company: Microsoft

Tracie is someone who truly understands situational leadership and knows how to adapt her coaching to help people be successful. Tracie is knowledgeable, focused, and business-driven while maintaining a passion for people and their individual interests and development. This makes her an effective leader who delivers results with and through her teams. She continually advocates for professional and personal growth, values inclusion and stretches leaders and teams to drive for a bigger result. 

We are curating the list of top 50 HR professionals to follow on LinkedIn in 2021. Nominate your friends & colleagues.

Author – Nandu Krishna

Strategic Partnership Lead at Xobin