Top 30 HR memes to make your day!

Top 30 HR memes to make your day!

When we talk about memes in the workplace, the first thing that comes to mind specifically is HR memes.

Firstly, A typical day for a recruiter today includes everything from reviewing resumes to attending meetings, chasing down hiring managers, and eventually offering offers.

Recruiters’ best-laid plans may not be perfect. However, mishaps or glitches in the matrix can quickly throw an otherwise well-planned day into chaos. Likewise, You might need a brief break from the hustle and bustle of daily life to have a good time.

Alison Beard states that” laughter relieves stress, and boredom, and boosts engagement and well-being. laughter spurs creativity, collaboration, analytical precision, and productivity.”

We searched the internet for funny HR memes to help with stress relief. Accordingly, This collection of 30 HR memes highlights the unique moments shared by recruiters across all industries, regions, and companies.

1. Should we hire you ?? HR memes to laugh 😂😂

HR Memes

2. Seriously though. Why do they even have us working in December?

Top HR Memes

Credit: Dr. Grayfang

3. Is it Christmas eve yet? Truthfully, the prior two weeks could be a January problem.

HR meme

Credit: Dr. Nineka D. Dennie

4. Someone who has worked in Healthcare as HR:

HR meme

Credit: Rohita Kadambi

5. Are you kidding ?? Funny HR memes 🤣🤣

HR Memes

6. WeWork midtown overheard an anonymous inside voice. 🤭👀

Top HR memes

Credit: Overheard New York

7. Put your camera on, why are you not responding to the meeting!!

Top HR memes

Credit: Sarah J. Hass

8. Literally just told her not to do this 10 min ago.

HR meme

Credit: Mariah Hartjes

9. Santa was HR for 10 years! Top HR memes….

Top HR memes

Credit: Humorous Resources

10. Understand it’s an UNPAID break for many of us!!

Top HR Memes

Credit: Introverts Memes

11. Damn I feel attacked! Time to stop feeling guilty for self-care.

HR meme

Credit: Victoria Garrick Browne

12. Oh man, I just found it in my outbox, it was never sent.

Top HR memes

Credit: 50 First Tates

13. HR’s can break your hearts too…🤦‍♂️

HR meme

14. Looked good on paper but that interview though 🥴

HR meme

15. These LinkedIn HR influencers are something else

HR memes

Credit: Best Of LinkedIn

16. For HR’s It’s been a roller coaster for sure.

HR memes

17. Just kidding, this is what they pay me to do. Funny HR memes🤣

HR meme

Credit: Just Media Things

18. Interviewer jotting notes down: “has difficulty… completing tasks.”

Top HR meme

Credit: Robert Schultz

19. Can you think of a few people like this 😂

HR meme

Credit: Funny Recruiter

20. Waiting on people is probably the worst thing to do in recruiting. Means you don’t have anything else to do… just kidding.

HR meme

21. pro tip: stay one step ahead and don’t respond to that email regardless of your work location 😎

HR memes

22.  Better than nothing 🐐

HR memes

23. If she HAD gotten an interview, ya think she would have winged it? Or would she have ruled the roost?

HR memes

Credit: Spices Lag

24. The best is when the client says they’ve already interviewed them.

Funny HR Meme

25. Thank you. But, I cannot stand receiving or submitting them. Mine is just like a horror story.

Xobin HR Memes collection

Credit: Roast Malone

26. Hey HR’s where’s the pay info in all that abundance of words 🤣😏

Xobin Recruiters meme

Credit: Chris Illuminati

27. When HR is trying to refrain from laughing as they write you up.

Funny HR meme

Credit: Jordan Lhamp

28. A lot of work to do – Send prayers and liquor!

HR meme

29. Ah that’s why you need got HR Tech!

HR Meme

Credit: HR.Meme

30. No shit, HR’s used to feel like this everyday 😂

HR memes

In the first place, We hope you liked the memes we shared. Did these HR memes make you smile as you face the frustrations that come with recruiting life? 

Likewise, feel free to share these funny HR memes with your recruiting teammates and peers so they too will know that the community understands how they feel. 

Moreover, If you’re really feeling bold, immediately share this list with your friends and family to give them an inside peek at the behind the scenes life of a recruiter. 

Lastly, We hope these HR memes serve as a playful reminder that despite the daily difficulties, the work you do is significant, appreciated and for many candidates, life-changing. Simultaneously, Keep up the good work!

Specifically, Which recruitment meme made you laugh out loud? Let us know.

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