Top 10 Slack Communities for HR and People Ops

Top 10 Slack Communities for HR and People Ops

Finding HR-related Slack communities can be quite hard!

A quick Google search would give over 100+ links to Slack communities. However, most are dead and non-functional. Sigh 🙁

But don’t worry! We’ve done the grunt work of sifting through all these communities so that you won’t have to. We’ve carefully curated the top slack communities for HR folks.

But first, what are Slack communities?

A slack community is a group of individuals on a slack workspace organized around a specific industry, job function, or area of interest. Specifically, the community may have an open-for-all, invite-only, or paid membership. 

In essence, a Slack community can be thought of as a more structured version of LinkedIn Groups or Facebook Groups. In addition, Slack organizes conversations in your workspace into dedicated spaces called channels. Each channel caters to a niche topic. Thus providing an organized space for members to connect, share knowledge, or learn from each other.

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For example, a slack community would have separate channels like #general for random chit-chat, #intro for introductions, and #jobs for sharing new job opportunities.

slack channels in an hr workspaced
Typical channels in an HR Slack Community

Analysing HR-based Slack Communities

Here is how we went about identifying what’s worth your time. We found 80+ slack communities related to HR and adjacent work profiles. However, to our disappointment, quite a few links hit a dead end. They had wound up and were no longer functional.

Next, we filtered out a few pseudo-communities. These were promoted by a single company. Rather than insightful content, the channels were filled with company blogs selling their products and service. Now that’s a Red flag.

Now that we had a list of communities that were truly open in every sense, Likewise, we went about analyzing them on four parameters:

Analysing Slack Communities

Fee: This is a no-brainer. We like open and free slack communities rather than paid ones. 

Members: Quality and size of the community members. We looked for communities with at least 250+ members. We believe this is a critical size for a community to connect truly.

Moderation: The best slack communities have stringent community guidelines. Discussions are civil. On the other hand, the content is insightful. As well as blatant promotion is quickly pulled up.

Engagement: Are the members really contributing? We observed, not just through the number of posts. But the number of replies and suggestions. The best communities we saw had Live Q&A as well!

Here are the Top Slack Communities for HR professionals

1. Resources for Humans (by Lattice)

The RfH community is designed to help HR professionals connect, share advice, ask questions. Managed by Grace Cheung, the Slack community is one of the largest with 19,000+ HR folks. It touts itself as the go-to slack community for people ops-related discussion. 

hr slack community by lattice

What’s great?
The best part was the quality and volume of engagement. Moreover, there are some great webinar topics like “Finding your footing after being laid off”. The slack workspace was neatly structured, with channels on #new-to-hr and #legal-compliance.

What can be improved?
On the downside, the approval process is a bit slow. The admin team reviews all applications just once a week.

Check out Resources for Humans Community

2. The Shape of Work Community

Founded in 2022, this is one of the fastest-growing HR Slack communities, reaching 1400+ members in less than a year. There are 10 channels in this community that are a mix of playful #fun, #shameless-plug, and serious stuff like #ama and #employer-engagement.

hr slack community called the shape of work

The Future of Work community stays true to its objective by not just showcasing the best practices, resources, and tools but providing a wholesome experience to HR folks.

What’s great?

This community is growing at blazing speed courtesy of short 15-20 min podcasts. What’s unique is the anonymous bot that lets members message and ask questions anonymously. 

Get invited to join

3. PeopleGeeks by CultureAmp

PeopleGeeks brings together experienced thought leaders in the field of HR. Managed by the team at CultureAmp, this community has a free but curated membership.

recruiter's slack community called PeopleGeeks by CultureAmp

What’s great?
This is a rare community that provides nuggets on how to build and manage culture. So, what’s unique about this. The admin team does a fair job of ensuring that no vendors or vested interests sneak into the group. Therefore, channels are well curated with specific channels on #new-to-hr and #legal-compliance.

What can be improved?
On the downside, the approval process is a bit slow. The admin team reviews all applications just once a week.

Join the Cohort

4. PeoplePeople

Powered by the folks at HRChief, PeoplePeople has over 9100 members as part of its slack community. It’s good to talk about the changing landscape and best practices around the world.

PeoplePeople slack community for recruiters and hr experts

What’s great?
The community is truly diverse in nature. Folks here are from Europe, Africa, India, the US, and New Zealand! This also means the conversation is diverse, ranging from best practices in exit interviews to compensation benchmarking. The community’s asks-and-feedback channels were the best. An absolute goldmine of insights for recruiters and hr folks.

What can be improved?
There are over 25 channels covering hrtech to networking. Unlike other slack communities, one needs to join channels manually. The breadth of channels may not be visible to everyone.

Join the HR Slack Community

5. People Over Perks

A pool table is nice to have. But great company culture is a must-have. As the name suggests, this community believes that individuals stay at a company, not for the perks, but for the culture. Likewise, if you are in the People operations space, this slack community is for you. People over perks is a free community for People Ops professionals to discover valuable resources and exchange best practices to drive progress in their own careers.

people over perks slack community for hr professionals

What’s great?
One of the top slack communities for HR, the People over perks community boasts a strength of 6000+ HR leaders. Noticeably, the community doesn’t shy away from having vulnerable discussions on topics like terminating employees. This community provides generous help in the #hr-job-listing channel 🙂

What could be improved?
Although there was a channel on #ama, we couldn’t spot an active ama discussion held over the past 6 months.

Go ahead to request access

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6. Secret HR Society

Founded in October 2015, Secret HR Society is a member referral-only Slack community. They only accept HR folks with at least 3-5 years of experience. This was the brainchild of Anna Ott and Hilary Klassen.

secret hr society slack community

What’s great?
This is a closely knit tribe with 1,500+ vocal members sharing ideas and knowledge related to the HR function. Likewise, the community also conducts periodic meetups once in 2 months!

What could be improved?
The community serves a global audience but is predominantly based in Germany. Since this is an invite-only community, it could be difficult to get it.

Request for access

7. HR to HR

Conferences are very theoretical. Real learning happens when you apply these learned concepts. That is precisely why Nandita started this Slack community that now touches 3800+ members. Nandita Gurjar herself is an independent board member at a few listed entities. So lot to learn from her.

What’s good?
We observed that members came from different continents. Hence, the community had a unique focus on #hrbp and interesting stories from #good-hires and #recruitment-hell.

What can be improved?
For a community that was started to replace conferences, syncing with members through Ask-me-anything, or webinars and chats seemed missing. We would have loved to attend it.

Join the conversation 

8. #People

With over 10,500 community members HashtagPeople seems to be one of the most well-rounded communities. Likewise, there are multiple touchpoints. It’s got a newsletter, a podcast and a slack community. Cool!

What’s great?
As mentioned, there is something in it for everyone. Service providers can pitch their products. The events are regular. There are also channels like #watercooler for random gossip.

Join the Community

9. Recruiting Innovators Directory

If you are looking for a community specific to recruiters and sourcer’s, this is the slack community for you.

What’s good?
A lot of companies post invites to webinars and events here. In particular, if you are interested in an online masterclass, you’ve got plenty of opportunities.

Access Now

10. RecruiterSlack

RecruiterSlack is niche slack community based on recruitment and talent acquisition. This is the newest and smallest hr community in this list, with just 290 members and 6 channels. The topics of discussion range from interview tips to sourcing for non-profit entities.

Apply for access

Future of Slack Communities:

HR folks can often feel overwhelmed. After all, there is so much going on. From great resignation to quiet quitting and now layoffs. Therefore, slack communities act as a sounding board and support system. Moreover, the workplace learning report by LinkedIn suggests that a community-based approach to upskilling is the most effective path to professional development.

If you are an HR looking to upskill yourself, do check out some other HR resources. Hence, we’ve curated the best YouTube Channels for HR.

In conclusion, don’t miss out on networking and learning outside your day job. So get started and be a part of these HR slack communities.

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