MERN Stack Assessment


MERN is a Scaffolding tool that makes it easy to build production ready universal apps. This Stack consists of MongoDB, Express, ReactJS and NodeJS. MERN Stack Developers help organizations with faster development time enabling quicker market access.


Find the The assessment will contain questions from the following topics :



– Mongo Operators

– Handling SubDocuments

– Skip, Limit and Sorting Collection

– Filtering Single and Multiple Properties

– Handling Index and Text Search

– Connecting with Nodejs & Express



– Serving Static Files

– Express Routing

– Controllers

– Working with Query Strings



– Component States

– Special Prop Objects

– Forms and Events

– Router

– Flux

– Animation

– JSX Basics



– NodeJS Fundamentals

– Call Stack and Event Loops

– CallBack Functions and API

– ES6 Promises

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