Java Test Driven Development Assessment

Test-Driven development is a process of developing and running automated test before actual development of the application.JUnit is a open source Framework to test and assert code behavior . Mockito mocks out the dependencies and stub the expectations allowing testing a particular layer/unit in isolation.This test is aimed at understanding the expertise of developers in development of Applications using the Test Driven Development approach and write unit cases using JUnit and Mockit.

The Java TDD Assessment shall include questions on the following topics:



– Collections

– Generic Classess and Interfaces

– Raw Types and Reflection

– Multithreading and Concurrency


– Working with CLOB and BLOB



– Flow & Ignore Test

– Types of Matchers

– Testing for Exception

– @Before and @After

– WhiteBox & BlackBox Testing



– Mocking a Static Method & Constructor

– Mockito Annotations

– Mockito Spy

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