Java/J2EE Intermediate Assessment

Java is the most widely used technology over the last two decades. Java provides a perfect balance between security, portability, and versatility. This is one of the reasons that popularity of the technology has kept up over the years even though the older technologies have fallen off. J2EE is the enterprise edition of the technology designed to help developers create web based enterprise applications that are platform independent. A good Java developer will be able to design and implement algorithms that are both correct and efficient. The Java/J2EE Assessment is aimed to examine the fundamentals of candidates in both general programming skills and the basic understanding level of the technology.


The Java/J2EE Assessment shall include questions on the following topics:


– OOPS concepts

– Abstract Class And Methods

– Exception Handling

– Data types and Operators

– Interfaces, Packages and Access Control


Java is used by engineering teams at companies such as Amadeus, Walmart Labs, Rakuten, Nextgen Technologies and many more.

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