Java/J2EE Advanced Assessment

Java is the most widely used technology over the last two decades. Java provides a perfect balance between security, portability, and versatility. An Expert Java Developer must have Strong Fundamentals along with understanding of memory management, reflection, Collections and Test Driven Development. This test held Organizations and Recruiters weed out irrelevant candidates using our scientifically designed Java/J2EE Online Assessment test. The Detailed Analytics gives Recruiters a clear understanding of the candidates strengths & weaknesses.


The Java/J2EE Assessment shall include questions on the following topics:

– Collections

– Generic Classess and Interfaces

– Raw Types and Reflection

– Multithreading and Concurrency


– Working with CLOB and BLOB

– TDD Using JUnit, Mockito


Java is used by engineering teams at companies such as Amadeus, Walmart Labs, Rakuten, Nextgen Technologies and many more.

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