B2C Sales Assessment

B2C Sales are pretty much the main bread earner in any company. Even when companies have brand values that are self-sustainable, there is a constant need to keep the growth chart positive. Starting with initiating contact via cold calls or following up on interested consumers, the Sales Executive has it all to do. Ensuring that this key job role is performed by top professional only goes a long way in maintaining a steady cash flow for your company.


This B2C Sales Assessment has been created to filter out the top and best applicants for the role. It tests the applicants in key areas like Sales Aptitude, Communication, Negotiation Skills and Reasoning.


To top that off, you will be able to do a quantitative comparison of all the applicants using our powerful and insightful reports.


Test Details: This pre-employment Assessment contains questions submitted by top Sales experts across the globe. For ensuring an all-around screening of abilities, the test verifies the candidate’s knowledge in key areas.


The assessment will contain questions from the following topics :

– Sales Fundamentals

– Basic Excel Skills

– Presentation Skills

– Critical Reasoning

– Strong Verbal Communication and Telephonic Presence

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