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Account Manager Test

The Account Manager online test assesses candidates’ knowledge in overseeing customer account management & serves as the lead point of contact.

About the Account Manager Test

Looking to screen and hire Account Managers? Use the Account Manager Test by Xobin. Assess applicants anytime, anywhere. Designed by subject matter experts, this Account Manager assessment test can check candidates for job skills. Do away with relying on resumes. Objectively evaluate skills and compare candidates.

This Account Manager skill test aims to screen candidates’ domain and hands-on skills.

Questions Type: Scenario-based MCQ questions.

Time: 30-45 minutes.

Level: Suitable for junior level (2-4 Years).

Topics Covered in the Account Manager Skill Test:

An engaging and role-specific test ensures minimal drop-off rates in your testing process. To sum up, this Account Manager test checks for core knowledge and competency. 

Attention to detail

Communication skill

Customer relationship management

Attention to detail

Anaysis and reporting

Who can use the Account Manager Assessment?

Company recruiters can use the Account Manager assessment to surface the best applicants. Candidates performing well on this test are considered job fit for the Account Management role. 

Similarly, hiring managers can assess the skills of prospective candidates before ever inviting them to an interview. 

Moreover, even L&D teams can measure skill gaps and training gaps using this test. More importantly, the reports and analytics help structure the ideal training program for your team.

Recommended Job Roles

An engaging and role-specific test ensures minimal drop-off rates in your testing process. Therefore, this Account Manager test checks for core knowledge and competency. 

Account Coordinator

Key Account Manager

Relationship Manager

Sales Manager

FAQs about the Account Manager Assessment

What type of questions does this Account Manager assessment include?

The assessments typically include MCQs and case study based questions. Additionally, for technology roles, coding-based questions are well suited. Likewise, for business roles, case study and video-response based questions seem well suited.

Can the Account Manager Quiz be customized for my company’s needs?

Sure. We understand that every role is different. Therefore, our tests are customized based on the job role and seniority. Additionally, test admins can upload their own questions and logo. Lastly, you don’t need multiple assessments for different skills. You can add many skills to the same test.

How to administer this assessment test?

The first step is to create an account with Xobin. Secondly, visit the test library and select this test. Lastly, invite the applicants to take up this job test. The test admins can invite the candidate via email. Alternatively, they can share a test link or trigger an invite through their ATS. 

What kind of anti-cheating features are in place?

Xobin comes with many anti-cheating features. Firstly, the tests come with question shuffling. In other words, not every candidate will get the exact same question in the same order. Moreover, the platform allows for webcam recording and keystroke recording. Applicants receive warnings for off-tab activity. Lastly, the test admin can view reports containing logs on malpractices. Meanwhile, feel free to read more about the test proctoring and anti-cheating features

How is this test priced? 

The Account Manager online test and 500+ tests are part of Xobin’s subscription plans. Meanwhile, do check the pricing page to get more details on the same.

What kind of reports are generated after test completion?

Candidate assessment reports are created and mailed to the test admins. Our rule-based scoring engine automatically grades the applicant’s response. Test admins get a list view of all test scores and a detailed report for each applicant. Therefore, they can sort, filter, and compare applicants by score. To sum up, test admins get all the data to make unbiased decision.

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