Account Coordinator Test

The Account Coordinator online test assesses candidates’ knowledge in designing and supporting account management.

About Account Coordinator Online Test

An Account Coordinator works alongside the Account Manager, performing day-to-day client servicing. Designed by subject matter experts, this Account Coordinator Test is used as a pre-hire skills test.  Job applicants are assessed on aptitude, client servicing, and critical reasoning skills.

Furthermore, the Account Coordinator skill test enables recruiters to evaluate job readiness. For this reason, the emphasis is laid upon assessing applied skills rather than theoretical knowledge.

With powerful reporting, hiring managers get a detailed analysis of the applicant’s performance on the Account Coordinator quiz. Most importantly, the Account Coordinator online test is designed considering EEOC guidelines. In other words, this online assessment is built for bias-free hiring. 

Organizations choose the Pre-built Account Coordinator assessment to hire job-fit candidates. Of course, these tests can be customized for your organization.

Account Coordinator Online Test includes

  • CRM Software Understanding
  • Organizational Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication Skills
  • Analytical and Numerical Skills

Test Details

Test Type: May include Multiple Choice Questions, Case Study or Assignments

Language: Available in English. Can be offered in other languages if requested.

Author: Xobin Subject Matter Experts


What type of questions does this test include?

Each test is carefully prepared by Industry experts. A competency matrix designed for the Account Coordinator role. The test sections and questions are designed based on this blueprint.

These sections may include questions Multiple Choice Objective Questions. Additionally, you may encounter Fill in blanks, subjective and case studies based questions.

How can I customize this test?

Most definitely, The Test Admin can Edit the Test. Moreover, the Test Admin can modify the name, the number of questions, total time, and cut-off score.

Additionally, Test Admin can add questions from the Xobin question bank. Alternatively, they can upload their own questionnaire.

What are the Proctoring and Anti-Cheating Mechanisms provided for this test?

Proctoring can be enabled in the test settings.  

The test consists of webcam proctoring, Keystroke recording, and off tab activity & browser monitoring. If the candidate tries to navigate away from the test tab, Off tab activity  & browser monitoring triggers a pop-up warning.

What are minimum cutoff scores and should I use them?

Minimum cutoff scores can be thought of as benchmarks. Candidates scoring below this benchmark would be termed “not qualified“. Similarly, anyone scoring higher than the benchmark is termed “qualified“. This enables you to screen and shortlist with ease.

Xobin Platform provides you with recommendations on cutoff scores. These scores are based on normalized data of prior test-takers. Additionally, you are free to edit and modify this cut-off score. 

What kind of reports do I get post the test completion?

Test Admin receives test reports within 5 seconds of the candidate test submission. The Admin can find these reports on their dashboard and additionally, in their inbox.

Regardless of the test, the report provides a 360-degree analysis of the candidates. Starting with a summary, the report provides section-wise scores. Moreover, you can download these reports for future use.