Xobin Launches AI - Evaluate : Generative AI based answer checker    

  Xobin Launches AI - Evaluate : Generative AI based answer checker


Unlimited Assessments and Candidates

See how Xobin expedites your recruitment process in three simple plans and with no hidden fees in sight!



Save 33%

/month, billed annually

$ 166 * 12 months = $1,992/year

*No credit card required

Upto 20,000 Assessment Completions/month with 100 simultaneous test takers at a given point of time.


20,000 Assessment Completions
100 Simultaneous Test Takers
Unlimited Candidates
Full Access to all Features & Question library
Remote Proctoring
Assessments Available - Business Skills, Coding Skills (C, C++, Python, Java 8, Python 3, PHP, Javascript, NodeJS, C#), Psychometric Traits and Psychometric tests or Psychometric tests, etc.
Available Response Formats for Candidates - Essay Type, Multiple Choice, and Coding
API Access limit 1000 Calls/month
Admin accounts - 10
Customer Support across all time zones
Unlimited Video Responses
Unlimited XoForms New
Unlimited XoForms Responses
Most Popular


For Fast Growing Companies

Save 20%

/month, billed annually

$ 399 * 12 months = $4,788/year

*No credit card required

Unlimited Assessment Completions/month with 200 simultaneous test takers at a given point of time.


Everything in the Essential plan
200 Simultaneous Test Takers
Video Response from Candidates New
API Access limit - 10,000 Calls/month
Admin accounts - 20


For Customization talk to our solutions expert

*No credit card required


Everything in Standard plan
Customized SLA
Customized API creation
Customized Traffic/Feature requirements
Up to 99% of White-labelling
Pricing starts from 10,000 USD/year

To See Plan Pricing Comparison please visit the site in Desktop .

Comparison of Pricing Plans

Simultaneous Test Takers
Company Admins
Assessment Completions
20,000 /month
Question Types
MCQ, Coding, Subjective and Assignment Questions
Audio, Video , MCQ, Coding, Subjective and Assignment Questions
Audio, Video, MCQ, Coding, Subjective,and Assignment Knockout Questions
Access to Xobin Library of 70,000+ Question
Access to Skill Assessments
Customize Own Test
Customize Psychometric Test
Remote proctoring and video recording
Registration Fields
Text, Numbers and Upload File
Audio, Video, Text, Numbers and Upload File
Customizable Fields
Followup Assessments and Custom Redirections
Followup Assessments, Custom Redirections and Automatic Candidate Messaging
1000 API Calls
10,000 API Calls
Webhooks and Customize APIs Integration
Access to Webhooks
Custom Webhooks and Advanced APIs (Psychometric)
Short Candidate Video Resume & Introduction
Multi-Team/Company Account Dashboard
1 Way Recorded Video Interviews
Career Pages
Instant Candidate Communication
Customized look based on your brand
Excel Export with Candidate Scores
Email and Chat
18/5 Via Chat, Email & Telephone
24/7 Via Chat, Email & telephone
White Labeling

*No credit card required

*No credit card required

Hear it from our customers

Xobin platform worked well for campus hiring. Great support by the team. Moreover, they are always ready to understand the issue and provide a comprehensive solution.

Akhil Sikri

Co-Founder, Zolo Stays

Frequently Asked Questions

Platform Related FAQs

What is meant by simultaneous test takers ?

Simultaneous Test Taker count implies the number of individuals taking the test at the same time. In other words, your subscription plan supports an “N” number of concurrent test takers.

Who is an admin? Is there a limit on the number of admins? What is the cost of additional admins?

Company can appoint admins and users to manage the test account. The limit to the number of admins is specified against each plan. Should companies need more admins, Xobin charges an extra USD 129 (billed annually) per additional user over and above the quota.

What are the available white labeling and branding options?

Companies can showcase their logo during the test. They can edit the welcome message or the test instructions. The test links are also modified to represent the company name. For example, the test link could be http://hooli.xobin.com/tname/characters, if your company’s name is “hooli”.

Is there any limit on the number of tests or test takers?

There is no cap and no limit on the number of tests created or the number of test takers. The Essential Plan supports 100 concurrent test takers, while Standard Plan supports 200. For higher limits, please reach out to sales.

Do you charge extra for support or a one-time setup fee?

No. We take pride in the support we provide. We don't charge any setup fee or onboarding fee nor do we charge for our support. The available support options are listed against the plans.

Do you charge extra for creating custom tests?

No. Xobin comes pre-built with over 300 popular Job-based tests and a question library for over 500+ skills. You can pick a ready-made test or you can customize it with questions either from our question bank or with your own structured questions.

How often are these test questions updated?

Our tests are updated quarterly. We consistently add fresh questions on the latest topics and also churn out some of our most used questions.

Can I integrate the Xobin Assessment Platform with my ATS or HRMS?

Xobin already has native integration with a few ATS and HRMS. Moreover, customers can also set up their integration via 3rd party tools like Zapier. We have robust APIs to support custom integrations. Reach out to the sales and support team to know more.

I'm a candidate. Are there any practice tests available for me?

No. Xobin’s tests require candidates to be invited by a recruiter from a company. At present we don't provide practice tests for candidates to prepare for job tests and interviews.

Subscription Related FAQs

I don't have a high volume. Do you have a pay-as-you-go pricing plan?

We provide subscription-based plans only. We do not have pay-as-you-go or free plan.

I want to start using the platform immediately. What are my next steps and how quickly can I get onboarded?

You can complete your signup, choose a plan, proceed to the billing page, and finish your subscription directly from the platform to get started immediately.

Is there a free plan or any pricing plan for startups?

We don’t have a free plan, whereas Xobin’s Essential Plan (USD 249 per month) is tailor-made for startups and early-stage companies looking to screen interns and job applicants.

I need to send a one-off test to 20 odd candidates. Which plan do I choose?

We don't sell test credits or invites. Our subscription plan allows you to screen an unlimited number of applicants during the subscription tenure. So feel free to share it with 20 or 40 test takers.

Is there a separate plan for recruitment consultants and staffing agencies?

The Standard Plan is ideal for Staffing Agencies and Recruitment Consultants.

If I unsubscribe, what happens to my tests and candidate data?

In case you unsubscribe, you lose access to the platform tests and candidate data. However, when you re-subscribe, your tests will re-populate in your dashboard. You can export candidate scores before you unsubscribe.

Can I use the platform just for 1 month and unsubscribe later?

Yes, the minimum tenure of a subscription is 1 month. You can directly subscribe and unsubscribe from the billing section inside the platform.

What payment options or payment modes do you support?

All our plans, irrespective of tenure, require an upfront payment. We use PCI-compliant payment gateways where you can pay via Corporate Credit Card or Virtual Card. All other modes of payment would require manual intervention. Please reach out to the support team for further questions.

I can see the pricing in USD. Is there separate pricing for other currencies?

For recurring subscription plans, we support USD and INR. For annual subscriptions, we do accept other currencies like GBP, AUD, EUR, and SGD.