Xobin Launches AI - Evaluate : Generative AI based answer checker    

  Xobin Launches AI - Evaluate : Generative AI based answer checker

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Start Assessing 100’s of Candidates from as low as 166 USD/Month

Request quote to speak to our team Instantly. We have Monthly, Quarterly, Annual Billing Cycles. We have a free cancellation policy.Meaning you can cancel the plan whenever you want and we wont charge you for the next billing cycle.

Get Access to 1000's of Pre-Created Job Skill Assessments
Get Access to 500+ Job skills. Ranging from Customer Success, Technology, Marketing, Sales,Finance etc. The answers can be Automatically evaluated by Xobin’ system. You will also have option to add your own questions.
Leading AI Driven Proctoring & Anti Cheating Capability
Xobin’s assessment can not be cheated by Candidates .We are the leaders in proctoring and anti cheating mechanism. We have secure browsers, Off-Tab Activity Deduction and web cam based proctoring.
Coding Questions with Auto Evaluation
Xobin has assessed over 1.5 Million candidates. Leverage our effective coding compilers to conduct glitch free tech assessments in C,C++,Java,C#,Javascript,Python and other programming languages.
Auto Schedule Interviews
Scheduling one on one interviews require making to and fro phone calls. Auto-Schedule works like a calendly or a meeting scheduler. Candidates can pick your free slots and book the interviews. This saves the Recruiter and hiring managers time and allow effective use of their time.
Asynchronous Interviews
Asynchronous Interviews eliminated 1:1 interviews. You can pre-record your questions to the candidates and invite many candidates to fill up the Interview, like submitting a form. Our AI will auto-evaluate their responses and show you the high performers. You can also manually see the video recordings of the answers and rate their answers.
AI Evaluate uses state of the art generative AI to evaluate the candidates answer.
XoForms let you quickly collect information from Candidates before sending them Assessments or Interviews. XoForms, let you send Xobin Assessments at a Click of a button, Helping you stream line the entire recruitment process.
Bulk Export of Data
All Products of Xobin, allow you to export all the data you generate in the platform. Example: Exporting Candidate reports as CSV.
API Integration
Xobin provides APIs & Webhook to integrate with your own product. You can even build your own custom recruitment platform, using Xobin’s custom API’s.
White Labelling
Xobin allows you to put your Logo across the test-taking interface and ensure you deliver a stellar Candidate Experience.
We have the best in Class support. Read for your self what customers write about Xobin - link to G2.

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Here’s What Our Customers Have To Say About Us

Makes a Recruiter’s life easier. Xobin helps us use ready-to-ship tests for a the entire breadth of roles at our company. The tests and software does exactly what it says. We have executed over 500+ tests and onboarded 30 candidates.

Sujay S

Chief of Staff

It’s great to be able to direct our candidates to a branded assessment, which then takes a lot of the leg work out of CV and skill screening, giving us the ability to quickly select the best candidates for our roles. We received a great response from both admin and test taker ends.

Melanie Martin

Talent Acquisition Head

We’ve digitized our recruitment process with Xobin. In the past, we had to invite the candidates to the office, and the process took weeks. With remote and auto evaluated assessments, we have gained serious time in the recruitment process.

Ben Muller

Recruitment Operations Specialist