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Cognitive Ability Test

With the growing competition for every job opportunity, companies have also become careful about whom they hire. And how do they do that? 

The employers first try to shortlist only the candidates with higher logical, reasoning, and problem-solving skills. And this is done using cognitive ability tests. 

This arises from the fact that well-developed tests of cognitive ability have proved to be the best predictors of job performance available.

Now, what is a Cognitive Ability Test? How does it work? So to answer these questions let’s discuss them a bit.

What is a Cognitive Ability Test?

It measures the candidate’s ability to solve problems and think critically. Here a candidate is given a limited time period to answer questions of different difficulty levels and types.

This is a pre-employment test and is usually given to candidates applying for a huge range of positions. 

What are the types of questions in Cognitive Ability Test?

A Cognitive Assessment Test may contain questions of different styles, for instance, that may include:

  • Numerical reasoning questions 
  • Logical reasoning questions 
  • Verbal reasoning questions 
  • Synonyms and antonyms 
  • Number sequences
  • Deductive reasoning questions

We have only a few examples of the type these tests may include, but they are not just limited to the ones given above.

What does the Cognitive Ability Test measure? 

Cognitive ability tests are meant to measure things like how well individual reasons, solves problems, thinks abstractly, learns quickly, and understands the nature of complex problems. 

As some researchers have stated, cognitive ability tests help in evaluating a person’s capability to figure out their surroundings and determine the appropriate actions.

What is the difference between a Cognitive Test and an IQ Test?

Cognitive Test IQ Test
A Cognitive test is used to measure a test taker’s ability in whatever subject matter the test is designed for. 

A cognitive test is used to measure different kinds of skills like mental skill sets, including academic readiness and psychological response.

The cognitive test is designed to measure a test taker’s knowledge of a particular subject.
In an IQ test, the number scored is supposed to represent where a test taker’s intelligence ranks with the rest of society. 

An IQ test is used to tests a person on general knowledge and determines a grade-level age based on societal norms. 

The IQ test assigns a number or rank to an individual’s overall intelligence.

Prominent Use Cases? Why are Cognitive Ability Tests important in hiring? 

Cognitive ability tests as psychologists state are an excellent predictor of a prospective employee’s future performance at work. These tests measure abilities such as:

  • Problem-solving
  • Abstract thinking
  • Planning and organization
  • Adapting to unfamiliar situations
  • Applying fresh knowledge
  • Understanding concepts

Showing a high cognitive ability indicates that a candidate is able to adapt to new work environments, make intelligent decisions, and learn new skills quickly which are essential skills for excelling at a new job.

Candidates with higher scores tend to be more productive and need less training compared to others. This can equate to a significant economical advantages for the employer.

Therefore, cognitive ability tests are crucial and have become a deciding factor for many employers’ recruitment processes.

Platforms where you can have cognitive tests

Some of the most common cognitive ability tests platforms include:

  • Xobin
  • Cubiks Logiks
  • McQuaig Mental Agility Test
  • Thomas International General Intelligence Assessment
  • Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory
  • Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test
  • Jombay 
  • Wheebox
  • Codility

About Cognitive Aptitude Assessment By Xobin

Our test has been designed by our global Subject Matter Experts (SME)s to assess the basic aptitude knowledge of the candidate as per Industry Standards. The Online Cognitive Test will help the recruiters & hiring managers to screen & hire candidates with excellent Numerical & Verbal skills before an interview.

This assessment is designed considering the EEOC guidelines. It will help in assessing & hiring diverse talent without any bias

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