Founders Desk

From the Founder’s Desk

The journey from 2016, where we started as a small group of enthusiasts who were like-minded to incorporating various talents into our team, Xobin has come a long way in terms of meeting the present recruitment challenges that many industries are facing.

During our initial stint in the corporate world, we were fortunate enough to meet quite a few affluent CTOs of huge companies. Interacting with them, we got an evident picture that all these companies face a major hurdle in recruiting the right technical talents for their organization and not sourcing the candidates.
Since we were technically adept in we decided to harness this opportunity and create indigenously built global software to deal with this constraint. Down the lane, in these six years, we have worked with around 600+ customers and have carried out close to a million assessments for technical recruiting.
Xobin primarily works in helping to recruit talents for a growth stage startup. Since a growth stage start-up to a mid-level organization would require a candidate with a combination of talents, Xobin provides high-standard assessment modules to analyze the candidate in 360 degrees.

Xobin has recently along with assessments also launched a unique video interactive job form that companies can use from their dashboard in recruiting candidates called the XoFroms. XoForms along with Xobin’s multidimensional assessment platform has been aiding the recruiters for close to 6.5 years with a structured recruitment strategy that has its edge over the traditional recruitment process.