Silviu Constantinescu On Talent Recruiting

 Silviu Constantinescu

Managing Director, Recruitment Point

Recruitment Agencies has become a more and more favored option for MNC’s and large technological giants for recruitment. In this article of leader stories, we have the opportunity to interview Silviu Constantinescu, Managing director Recuitmentpoint. Recruitment point is a leading recruitment agency in the European part of the globe. Silviu & his business partner, Mrs. Andra Petre, had an impressive background in talent search and management. At the same time, he had an entrepreneurial background and IT&C work experience. It came natural, at some point, to fill in the demand in the business market for talented developers and programmers from their network, for Romania and abroad.

People outsourcing & Talent recruiting

Recruitment point helps the developing companies in recruitment through two ways people outsourcing & talent recruiting. people outsourcing offers companies the possibility to rapidly grow their workforce, and at the same time maintain high flexibility and low costs. Talent recruiting gives companies access to a different, and still highly qualified, a pool of candidates, that would not be accessible otherwise.

Common errors in recruitment

When asked about the mistakes commonly done by companies in recruitment, Silviu says that delaying the adoption of an outsourcing solution, resulting in loss of business and loss of opportunities is the common mistake seen.

Making your own way

When asked about the difficulties faced by Recruitment Point at the start Silviu states that getting awareness and trust was the main challenge. It was hard to send a message through noisy and ever-changing environments. At the same time, for potential partners, although having many instruments available, It’s time and energy-consuming to go and differentiate through all that noise. Silviu says now they are at the point where partners would like to have an experienced candidate for a brand new role, although the role itself in the market, just appeared. Sometimes the changes occur at a faster pace than we can gain and sediment experience.

The first Patron

The first customer of recruitment point was a multinational company that needed something different. Of course. They needed flexibility and speed that classic agencies were not equipped for. So, they listened, personalized the solution, and had fruitful cooperation for several years, which resulted in recommendations for other customers. The rest is history.

Tough competing markets

The corporate landscape is certainly changing. Given the changes, companies will need to adapt to ever-increasing expectations of a qualified workforce, as they will strive to differentiate on tough competing markets. Imaginative and talented employees will make a difference, while, at the same time, they will move the labor market toward mobility and flexibility. Soft skills and flexibility will matter more than technical knowledge and experience.

Flexibility is the key

The thing that makes Recruitment Point unique from other players is flexibility. Being flexible they are adaptable and open to new. Any new project is a new challenge, which they approach with commitment and enthusiasm.

Author – Nandu Krishna

Strategic Partnership Lead at Xobin