Manan Shah On Candidate Driven Market

 Manan Shah

Co-founder, Recruiterflow

In this article of leader story, we have got an opportunity to interview Manan Shah,Co-founder Recruiterflow.  Shah an IIT Kharagpur graduate started his first company, back in 2013. They helped app developers reduce churn using advances in AI. Shah was an engineer who took up the sales role at that time. Eventually, was acquired by Inshorts where Shah became head of Growth.  Here’s where he had to recruit product managers and designers for his own growth team. Shah looked at recruiting as a core sales problem and got awesome results! He realised all the tools that he was using were tools built for sales reps and not for recruiters and there was a lot of friction. However, it worked and it was the genesis of idea behind Recruiterflow. After that they have  been able to grow their company at a very rapid pace.

What is Recruiterflow ?

Recruiterflow is a recruiting CRM for agency Recruiters. It is built ground up for productivity and automation. They believe that recruiting is increasingly more and more candidate-driven market. In the candidate driven market, recruiters need world class tools to help them engage passive candidates and convert them. If you think about it, it is a lot like a sales operation. However, the tools recruiters get are not built for that. Recruiterflow helps users go out in the market, headhunt top talent and give them immense productivity in this workflow. 

Their product helps recruiters engage passive candidates with 1-click sourcing, automated email sequences, generate more conversations and avoid all the data entry aspects of operating a CRM. They have helped users save 4-6 hours of manual work every week and helped them increase their placements by 25-40%.

Dealing With the Challenges

When you start a company you have fair set of challenges, Even Recruiterflow faced their own set  of challenges. One of the greatest challenges was marketing. Proving there existence in the market. Hence, in the earliest days, Recruiterflow was obviously making sure that the word reaches out there! As they were a bootstrapped business without a deep marketing budget.

Today, Recruiterflow is highest rated CRM for recruiting and staffing agencies. It looks and operates radically different from the recruiting CRM that recruiters are used to seeing. They are introducing sophisticated sales and marketing tools like sequences, rule engines to the recruitment market. This means that we need to have a proactive customer success operation that helps them use these tools and be more successful.

Common mistakes in Recruitment

One of the biggest mistakes today’s recruiting leaders make is not focusing enough on Recruiter productivity. Recruiters lose hours and hours of time every week using tools that are built for administrators and not the users. They regularly work with customers who made the mistake of not focusing on Recruiter productivity. Their results suffered and Recruiters couldn’t make enough placements.

The Ray of hope

First customer of Recruiterflow was a small recruitment company based in New York. It is called Canvas Search group – a small team of two. Their founder Mark Seibel found recruiterflow through one of the Quora answers Shah had written. They wanted something that helped them source and engage candidates better. Even though Recruiterflow was in a beta stage and a very immature product, they took a bet and the rest is history. They still work with recruiterflow!!

Candidate Driven Market

when asked about the future of hiring Shah states that, hiring has already become candidate-driven. He expects this trend to accelerate in the coming years. One trend that is clear to him is that democratization of opportunity through the advent of remote work. As globally, organizations face an acute shortage of talent, they will have to look elsewhere to find talent and talent is everywhere! The new set of collaboration tools will make it increasingly easier for teams to work remotely. These are the two biggest secular trends shah sees will change hiring.

Making place in the market

Shah’s incessant focus on Recruiter productivity is what makes Recruiterflow different from others. Every feature, every line of code of Recruiterflow is written with a single focus,”To make Recruiters save more time and have more time to build relationships” – the single most important metric that makes them successful.

Author – Nandu Krishna

Strategic Partnership Lead at Xobin