Lilia Stoyanov on Diversity Hiring

Lilia Stoyanov

CEO, Transformify

Recruiting software helps reduce time to hire overall by speeding up the recruitment process. Speaking of Recruiting software In this article of Leader Stories we have Lilia Stoyanov CEO, Transformify. 

Being a digital nomad herself, Lilia loves the freedom to work from anywhere. Initially, she started Transformify as a Freelance Platform to help people get a job regardless of their location. Soon, people living in high unemployment areas and single parents started to contact them asking if they can do something for them too.

It became clear that their product addresses problems such as equal access to jobs and secure payment, providing jobs to those living in high unemployment areas and more while helping recruiters to tap into a diverse talent pool.

When asked about her product Lilia says,Transformify is an integrated suite for recruiters comprising of Employer Branding, ATS, HR Software, Freelance Platform, Diversity Hiring, billing & payments. The software implements an intelligent learning algorithm that searches and matches companies or employers with the most qualified and desirable candidates based on their skills, certifications, location, and salary expectations among other things.

Earning Trust

The hardest trust to earn is the trust you try to earn from a customer. Same was in the case of Lilia too.Initially, it was hard to gain the trust of their potential buyers as their brand was still not known. Now, it is constant growth that is not easy to achieve. 

Lilia agrees that, to earn the trust of your customers,You need to have solid and strong information about your product or services to build trust in your customers. This will help you confidently reply to your customer’s queries. If you have done your research very well, then your customer will be impressed by your knowledge and confidence and will be more likely to trust you. 

To build trust, you should tell stories of personal experiences related to the trust you need to earn. When you get personal with the customer, you will be making the strongest trust bond possible; it is the best way to make the trust link between you and your customer. However, you should make to know your limits also in being personal with your customer; if you reveal too much, your customer may get uncomfortable.

Common Mistakes by Customers

When questioned about the common mistakes seen doing by her customers, Lilia states that, Some recruiters still believe that a good job description is a long job description. In fact, people related to the story of the brand and what it stands for. Communicating information about exciting projects and the job has to offer is much more important than the traditional long-form lay out.

The First Patreon

Lilia says her first customer was a tech unicorn from Silicon Valley. They have read an article on remote working solutions they’ve shared and decided to check Transformify out. Transformify has a special service for SME and startups called Market Entry Pack for Startups helping them to enter and validate new markets on a short budget by hiring freelancers locally and working out of the coworking offices of our partners without any long term commitment.

USP of Transformify

Transformify is the recruiter’s one-stop-shop combining technology with Employer Branding and Diversity Hiring. On top of that, once the most qualified candidates have been sourced, the recruiters can take advantage of our billing and payments functionality to transfer payments in any currency worldwide.