Dan Russon on Jumio’s Hiring Strategy

 Dan Russon

Global Director,Talent Acquisition

Jumio Corporation

The greatest resource of any company is its people itself. One way to be sure your business will succeed is to look after your employees and treat them with opportunities and they will help you to achieve your ideas and ace your business plan. Human resources are important to any business from its inception. In this article of leader stories, We have Dan Russon, director of Talent Acquisition – Jumio Corporation sharing his thoughts and experiences as an HR thought leader. Dan has 20 years of experience across HR, Change, Marketing and Communications in professional services, multi-nationals and start-ups. Dan is particularly interested in using behavioral insights to helps companies scale effectively.

“To build more millennial-friendly workplace flexibility is key”

According to Dan, To build a more millennial friendly workplace flexibility is key, not just for millennial’s. some exciting new research from Goldman’s links shows that 36% of employee’s job satisfaction depends on the perception of their company’s flexibility. Whether its location or hours of work it’s increasingly valuable to focus on productivity rather than presenteeism.

A healthy work-life balance is a high priority for most millennials. This is not surprising for a generation who grew up with full-time access to mobile devices. Ways you can offer flexibility include getting rid of sterile office layouts, flexible start and end times, Offering abundant sick leave (64% of millennials surveyed in a recent study said they’d leave a job if it was too difficult to take sick or personal days.), Providing days when they can work from home, Enforcing a relaxed dress code to foster a more creative atmosphere.

Many millennials typically won’t want to work in the stringent conditions of the past, whether created by hours, space, assignments, or workplace culture. To keep them focused and interested, provide them with as much flexibility as possible and they’ll give their best efforts in return.

Dan also flags that having a clear and meaningful purpose is also very important. At Jumio they’re working to make the digital world a safer place and to eliminate identity fraud. These are the type of clear and meaningful missions that can engage any age group. Finally, Dan mention’s that corporate philanthropy or CSR – giving can be increasingly powerful in attracting and retaining talent.

“Corporate philanthropy or CSR – giving can be increasingly   powerful in attracting and retaining talent”

Speaking of Recruitment, there are some key metrics to be tracked on a day to day basis and for Dan they are quality, source, time, cost, the velocity of hires and conversion ratios between stages are all key metrics. They also monitor any delays between stages in our processes, the diversity of their pipeline (compared to conversion ratios) and both candidate and hiring manager experience. While in the recruitment process to know a candidate in and out there are a certain set of questions to be asked. There are 5-6 key questions that Dan always tends to cover but opening by understanding their agenda and criteria helps to understand his expectations and whether he’ll be a good fit. It also means that if Dan likes the candidate he’ll be able to tailor his ‘sell’ of the position to push the buttons that matter to them.

“Nuances and interpersonal demands of HR and Recruitment   won’t become fully automated in the near future”

The onus is on HR’s to get the best out of new hires by creating the right environment and empowering them to succeed. Expectations will vary based on their role and level but generally, Dan looks for people who will ask a lot of questions and be relatively ‘self-starting’ in seeking out information and clarification.

To make the recruitment process more efficient and nimble, recruitment tools or software acts as a catalyst. Dan states that Jobvite helps them track and provides them with a perfect set of candidates, mostly they use their own hiring toolkit that improves the quality and consistency of the process. Visage is an interesting crowd-sourcing tool that’s helping to rapidly uncover passive talent in varied locations.

Speaking of  tools in recruitment, AI is bringing remarkable breakthroughs for businesses and their customers even in the recruitment process its the same. AI is already adding value but Dan doesn’t personally believe the human touch will be replaced any time soon. Roles will continue to evolve and those using AI effectively will achieve greater efficiencies but the nuances and interpersonal demands of HR and Recruitment won’t become fully automated in the near future.

Author – Nandu Krishna

Strategic Partnership Lead at Xobin