Most Important Angular2 Interview Questions For Hiring Front-End Developers

Most Important Angular2 Interview Questions For Hiring Front-End Developers

Angular2 is an open-source JavaScript framework to build web applications in HTML and JavaScript. So, Components, TypeScript, and Services constitute the most important features of this framework.

While in the previous article we have presented you few important HTML5 interview questions, in this article we shall help you with Angular2 interview questions as Angular2 is another paramount skill succeeding HTML5 for hiring front-end developers.

1. What are the advantages of Angular2 over Angular1?

2. How do you define the transition between two states in angular?

3. What is observable? How is an observable different from a promise?

4. What are the differences between ActivatedRoute and RouterState, with reference to Angular2?

5. What is a template variable? How is it used in Angular2?

6. What is lazy loading in Angular2?

7. How to handle errors in Angular2 applications? Also, what role does ReactJS catch library has to play in error handling?

8. What is AOT Compilation? Explain the advantages and disadvantages of AOT.

9. How do you declare a global variable in Angular2? What is the best way to access it?

10. What is ECMAScript? Explain its significance.

A good front-end developer needs to be knowledgeable of the features and structures of Angular2 as well as the potential benefits that TypeScript offers in web page scalability and encapsulation.

Therefore, before you invite your candidates for an onsite interview, make sure that you spend your time on the right candidates. As a result it will give better insights and a holistic picture of a candidate’s knowledge. Also, the potential in Typescript and Angular2 via a professional online assessment.

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