5 Mistakes to avoid while buying a skill assessment platform

Skill assessment platform plays a very important role when it comes to selecting the right talent. This is a fact we all know, but what people fail to remember is it saves a huge amount of time of the key Employees in the organisation. I have heard several CTOs claiming that that 70% of their engineering resources are spending their time in evaluating the applicants.

Now, while some can argue that evaluating the applicants is an important process and it cannot be delegated, most seasoned leaders have learned to adopt a skill assessment platform to save the time of their team. The CXO’s see this as a way to cut down the opportunity cost.

Having said this, a team that evaluates a good assessment platform is often comprised of HR & Finance team. Over the years at Xobin, we have interacted with more than 1000 teams and have assisted them with onboarding recruitment tools into their organisation.

From our experience we have seen different type of buyers and here are some of the mistakes which we think potential buyers should avoid while buying a skill assessment platform

Mistake 1:

Having very less time to make the decision

Most people usually start looking for a tool too late. For Example i’ve encountered customers who would have planned a big drive the next day and they would be looking to buy a platform today.

Any SaaS tool for that matter requires a good amount of time to research. In this article, we have compiled a list of things that you need to check in a good skill assessment platform, make sure you go through the list before you make a decision.

Mistake 2:

Improper requirement Estimation (Over estimation of the requirement)

Most of the assessment platform in the market will ask you to buy a set of assessment invitations together and they would usually bundle it in packages of 100 invites. So, usually they would price 4$ / Invite and charge you 400 USD for a pack of 100 Invites valid for 1 year. This would make it very tempting to increase your requirement to 1000 Invites and then asking for a discount to make it as 3$ / Invite. While paying 3000 USD you make think of having a good deal a hand, but, little would you know that 30% of the invited would simple go unused and there is not going to be any carry forward option for you. Also the 70% of the invites you use may not be “Really” used, if the candidates do not take up the assessment and if the platform your using counts every invite even if the test isn’t completed.

The sales person you talk with will clearly not let you buy lesser quantities if he knows your real requirement. So you would end up wasting invites.

Tip: Xobin offers unlimited assessments at 249 USD / Month. We do not charge per invite, istead we limit the number of simultaneous test takers to 95. You can even conduct 10,000 Assessments with 249 USD.

Mistake 3:

Prioritising features over content

Assessments platforms are going to try their best with luring you with attractive features, but down the road you would realize that the real best feature you would ever need is a library of great questions. The first 2 questions you need to ask is “How have you validated and tested these questions ?” “Whats the frequency of new questions in a particular domain ?”

Plaguing problem of most of the platforms is question leakage. Most of their questions would be leaked in the internet by some disgruntled candidate. The only valid way to overcome this problem, is by continuously adding new questions to a domain and random time intervals.

While some features like web cam/Offtab proctoring, question randomisation are extremely important. You shouldn’t put your guard down when checking the quality and continuous inflow of questions.

Mistake 4 :

Underestimating Scale

Concurrent and simultaneous usage is a given if your looking to use the platform for conducting campus drives or recruitment event. The platform should have good and healthy experience of conducting large scale events.

Most of the platform that specialize in offering you a chatbot or gamified assessments, may not have experience in delivering good experience to candidates at scale. Appart from technological checkups, make sure to quiz the capability to offer support to the candidates as well.

While offering support to the customer is a given, its important to check the quality of the support being offered to the candidate when say 1000 candidates are taking up the test. Make sure the candidate support team works across different time zones.

Mistake 5:

Overlooking ability to integrate with other tools

API/ Integration may not be your current requirement. But remember that HR is a function that requires more than 1 tool and it is always handy if all your tools can work together with a common goal. Ability to integrate with other workflow management tools and ATS can prove to be a great asset. Examples of such tools are – Zapier, workato, Greenhouse, Zoho Recruit Etc.

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