Product Overview

Who We Are

Xobin is building one of the world most trusted online assessment software for pre-employment testing and job skill assessments. We are revolutionizing the recruitment screening landscape by combining the power of technology and automation.

If you have ever been a part of high volume campus recruitment, coding test or psychometric tests, there is a good chance that it was driven by Xobin.

We serve customers with pre-hire screening tests and psychometric tests in functions like Technology, Marketing, Finance, Hr & Ops. Our software enables over 600+ growth stage companies to screen, shortlist and interview the right applicants.

Additional Features

More features to make your life easier

Unlimited Assessments

Choose any assessment from a huge collection of more than 1500+ Pre-built skill tests including Customer Success, Technology, Marketing, Sales, Finance etc. of pre-employment assessments that have been validated. Simplify your recruitment screening using Xobin's online assessments and streamline your hiring process. Remove prejudice from your pre-employment testing. Make sure that your pre-employment testing is bias free

Collaborative Hiring

Xobin’s campus recruitment software has evaluated more than 1.5 million applicants . Utilize our efficient coding compilers to carry out error-free tech assessments in programming languages such as C, C++, Java, C#, JavaScript, Python and other programming languages.

Extensive Question Library

There are more than 120,000+ questions in Xobin's enormous question bank in the campus hiring software, which covers both technological and non-technology domains. Our subject matter specialists from this library make sure that all the assessments and tests are specifically customized and are right for your job description.

Automated Video Interview

Scheduling phone screening rounds won't ever be a concern again. Xobin's Automated Video Interview Software uses AI based scoring which will automatically evaluate the Video answers of the candidates by transcribing the video answers to text and provide you potentially good fit candidates for your job description.

Actionable Reports

Get a 360-degree applicant report that is both concise and actionable . Gain knowledge, insights of the skills of your candidates. Use Xobin's detailed analytics by customizing reports to meet your specific requirements. Make recruiting decisions data-driven and based on facts.

AI Based Proctoring

The video proctoring and browser monitoring tracks candidates during a remote proctored exam. Any suspicious activity or behavior is flagged for Test Admins to view.

Custom Branding

Effortlessly customize your brand name and logo in Virtual Campus Hiring Tests.Customize your testing interface to reflect your brand. Attract and hire the right people for your organization with effective branding.


XoForms are the new way to receive Job Applications and manage their entire Journey. Build Video first job application forms, receive applicants, schedule Xobin Assessments and interviews at the click of a button.

Integration With ATS

In order to interface with your own product, Xobin offers APIs and Webhooks. So using Xobin's custom API's Save time, sweat and tears of your developers and focus on your core offering.

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