Platform to make modern recruitment efficient and robust

Comprehensive Pre-hire Assessment

Xobin hosts pre-built assessment tests for over 100 different job roles. The comprehensive pre-built assessments or CPA consists of 2 major sections , the first section assesses the domain knowledge and the second section assesses the behavioural traits required for that particular job role.

For example for an Engineering manager assessment , the first section would contain questions on the technical expertise (MVC Frameworks , Version Controlling, Continuous deployment, AWS/Azure , Containerisation , Agile/Scrum methods ). The second section would assess on behavioural traits such as empathy , entrepreneurial orientation , loyalty , introvert/extrovert and much more.

Malpractice/Cheating Prevention with AI

One of the most challenging component in an online remote assessment software is malpractice. Xobin has adopts state of the art deep learning technology to identify the behaviour of the candidate while taking the test. Xobin benchmarks the data with 100’s of thousands of other labeled candidate data and predicts whether the candidate has attempted to copy or not.

Xobin tracks the eye movement of the candidate , off tab activity and collect over 13 other signals and predict if he/she has been involved in malpractice. The data collected from the candidate happens after he/she gives the required permission

Candidate Recommendation with AI

Once all the candidate completes the test in the platform the recruiter can view the performance of candidates and drag and drop them in the respective columns (Shortlisted , hired & rejected). Xobin adds this information to its training data and uses this to offer intelligent recommendations to the candidate.

The recommendations are objective (Recommended /Not Recommended). As on date , close to 11263 recommendations have been issued to our customers out of which , True Positives are 4422 , False Positives are 166 , True Negatives  are 6343 and False Negatives  are 332