Frequently Asked Questions

The mock interviews are tests created from regularly asked questions at interviews by the recruiters/developers. Each test contains an assortment of questions frequented by that particular company in its technical rounds.

Completing this mock interview will provide you with the likelihood of you getting through an actual interview at that particular company. Beside that, you will also be getting a detailed report lisitng your strengths and weaknesses.

The duration of assessments for a particular interview varies according to the company and the position. You can complete it before the maximum alotted time.

Yes. You can resume the interview at a later point of time. However, it is recommended to complete it in a single go to get the best and most accurate report of your performance.

Yes. You will be able to share you report with anyone you like, via the various mediums we provide.

A detailed analysis of your strengths and weaknesses, with an in depth split up of the technologies and fields.

You will be allowed to retake the interview again, but only after 15 days. This duration is to ensure that you have taken enough time to improve on your skills and hence can actually verify the same.

In order to keep things even for everyone, the answers to the questions in the interview are not revealed to anyone. Your skill map will give you a good idea about the areas so that you can work on them to improve.

No. Unfortunately, at this point of time, we are still working on the library of material that can help our developer pool improve in each and every area that we mention on the report. So it will be a while longer before we can go on and get this done.

You can take the interview in 15 days after having taken it once.

If you retake your interview, you will be able to compare your reports to help you assess. The graphical view will help you figuratively understand how much you have improved.

No. As we have mentioned, this is only a mock interview that helps you get acquainted with the company's interviewing question base, as well as finding out the likelihood of you getting through a similar interview. The company is not directly involved in this mock interview and this is strictly for educational purposes.

The interview can improve your chances of getting into a certain company in the term that you will be better prepared for the questions that you will come across. But taking the mock interview does not directly influence the company's decision to hire/shortlist you for further rounds in an interview.

You can use the two reports to compare your progress in the fields.

Yes, you can take the Mock Interview even if you are not looking to change your current employer anytime soon.

No, your data is kept confidential unless you express interest in working with a certain associate company of Xobin.

Yes, you can take up interviews for different companies post completion of one Interview.

Xobin Mock Interviews are currently for the software developer positions only. We plan to put up the mock interviews for Niche technologies very soon.