HackerRank pricing & review: Is it a good value for money?

About HackerRank Developer Skills Platform

HackerRank Developer Skills Platform is an online platform that specializes in assessing and evaluating the skills of developers across various domains. It offers a wide range of coding challenges and assessments designed to test candidates’ programming abilities, problem-solving skills, and technical knowledge.

Companies use HackerRank for pre-employment screening, technical interviews, and skill evaluation purposes. The platform provides a comprehensive set of tools for creating custom coding challenges, conducting remote assessments, and analyzing candidates’ performance.

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With features like real-time coding environments, automated code evaluation, and plagiarism detection, HackerRank ensures the integrity and accuracy of assessment results. It is a valuable resource for companies looking to identify top developer talent efficiently and streamline their hiring process.

HackerRank Developer Skills Platform Pricing:

HackerRank Developer Skills Platform Pricing

1. HackerRank Developer Skills Platform offers a flexible pricing plan based on the number of assessments and candidates you need to evaluate.

2. The pricing starts at $100 per month for 1 user 

3. Pro pricing starts at $450 per month for 5 users

4. Additional features such as custom branding, advanced analytics, and dedicated customer support may be available at an additional cost.

5. Pricing may vary based on the specific needs and requirements of each organization, so it is recommended to contact HackerRank directly for a personalized quote.

HackerRank Review: Key Features and Functionality

Coding Challenges: 

HackerRank offers a wide range of coding challenges that test developers’ problem-solving skills and coding abilities. These challenges cover various programming languages and difficulty levels, allowing developers to practice and improve their skills.

Pros: Coding challenges help developers enhance their problem-solving skills, learn new programming concepts, and prepare for technical interviews.

Cons: Some developers may find the challenges too difficult or time-consuming, especially if they are new to coding.

Skill Assessments: 

HackerRank provides skill assessments that allow companies to evaluate candidates’ technical skills and knowledge. These assessments cover a variety of topics, including data structures, algorithms, and specific programming languages.

Pros: Skill assessments help companies identify top talent, streamline the hiring process, and ensure that candidates have the necessary skills for the job.

Cons: Some candidates may feel pressured or stressed during skill assessments, which could affect their performance.

Interview Preparation: 

HackerRank offers interview preparation resources, including mock interviews, coding tutorials, and tips for technical interviews. These resources help developers prepare for coding interviews and improve their problem-solving abilities.

Pros: Interview preparation resources help developers build confidence, practice coding under pressure, and improve their communication skills during interviews.

Cons: Some developers may find the interview preparation resources overwhelming or too time-consuming.


HackerRank’s CodePair feature allows developers to collaborate in real-time on coding challenges and technical interviews. This feature enables companies to assess candidates’ problem-solving abilities, coding skills, and teamwork capabilities.

Pros: CodePair promotes collaboration, communication, and teamwork among developers, making it easier for companies to evaluate candidates’ technical skills and cultural fit.

Cons: Some developers may find it challenging to work with others in real-time, especially if they are used to coding independently.

Customization Options: 

HackerRank offers customization options for companies to tailor the platform to their specific needs and requirements. Companies can create custom coding challenges, skill assessments, and interview questions to align with their hiring criteria and technical standards.

Pros: Customization options allow companies to personalize the hiring process, attract top talent, and assess candidates based on their unique requirements.

Cons: Some companies may find it challenging to create and manage custom content on the platform, especially if they lack technical expertise or resources.

HackerRank Developer Skills Platform the Right Choice for Your Team?

HackerRank Developer Skills Platform is a comprehensive tool designed to assess and enhance the skills of individuals, teams, and enterprises. But is it the right choice for your team? To determine this, it’s crucial to explore what other HackerRank customers have to say about the platform and whether their experiences align with your specific business needs.

HackerRank Developer Skills Platform Ratings

According to G2 reviews, HackerRank Developer Skills Platform boasts an impressive overall rating of 4.5 out of 5. Taking a closer look at the individual ratings, the platform also excels in the following areas (out of 10):

  • Ease of Use: 9.3/10
  • Quality of Support: 8.8/10
  • Ease of Setup: 8.9/10
  • Value for Money: 9.0/10
  • Functionality: 8.9/10
HackerRank Developer Skills Platform Review

How does Xobin compare to HackerRank?

Xobin Ratings

When it comes to Xobin, the platform shines with impressive ratings across various aspects, as per G2 reviews. With an overall score of 4.7 out of 5, Xobin excels in key categories such as:

These ratings showcase Xobin’s commitment to providing a user-friendly experience, excellent support, easy setup process, great value for investment, and robust functionality. When comparing Xobin as a Best HackerRank Alternative Platform, Xobin stands out in several key features:

  • Ease of Use: 9.2/10,
  • Quality of Support: 9.6/10,
  • Ease of Setup: 9.3/10,
  • Value for Money: 9.9/10, and
  • Functionality: 8.8/10.

Psychometric Testing Software:

Xobin’s Psychometric Testing Software provides valuable insights into the behavioral and personality traits of applicants, helping recruiters make informed hiring decisions. This feature is essential for identifying the right fit for a role based on more than just technical skills.

Extensive Question Library:

With over 1,80,000+ Tech and Non-Tech questions in its question bank, Xobin offers a vast array of assessment options for recruiters. This extensive library ensures that recruiters can create assessments tailored to specific roles and industries.

Automated Video Interviews:

Xobin’s Automated Video Interviews streamline the screening process by allowing candidates to showcase their skills and personality through on-demand video interviews. This feature saves time for both recruiters and candidates, making the hiring process more efficient.

AI Evaluate:

Xobin’s AI Evaluate feature uses state-of-the-art Generative AI to automate the answer evaluation process, saving hiring managers and recruiters valuable time. This advanced technology ensures a fair and accurate assessment of candidates’ responses.

EyeGazer Based Proctoring:

Xobin’s EyeGazer Based Proctoring technology enhances exam integrity by tracking candidates’ eye movements during assessments. This feature ensures that candidates stay focused and comply with exam rules, providing a secure and trustworthy testing environment.

In comparison, while HackerRank Developer Skills Platform offers a range of coding challenges and assessments, Xobin’s focus on psychometric testing, extensive question library, automated video interviews, AI evaluation, and eye-tracking technology sets it apart in terms of providing a comprehensive and innovative skill assessment solution for recruiters across industries.


How can HackerRank help me assess the technical skills of candidates?

HackerRank offers a wide range of coding challenges, assessments, and interviews to help you evaluate the technical skills of candidates accurately. You can create custom tests, track candidate progress, and analyze results to make informed hiring decisions.

Can I integrate HackerRank Developer Skills Platform with my existing recruitment software?

Yes, HackerRank Developer Skills Platform offers seamless integration with popular recruitment software like Greenhouse, Lever, and Workable. This integration allows you to streamline your hiring process and access candidate assessment data directly from your existing tools.

Is HackerRank Developer Skills Platform suitable for hiring developers across different programming languages and skill levels?

Yes, HackerRank supports assessments in over 35 programming languages and offers challenges for beginners to experienced developers. Whether you’re hiring for front-end, back-end, or full-stack roles, you can find relevant assessments to evaluate candidates effectively.

How does HackerRank Developer Skills Platform compare to Xobin in terms of candidate assessment accuracy?

While HackerRank Developer Skills Platform is a popular choice for technical assessments, Xobin offers a more comprehensive and AI-driven approach to candidate evaluation. Xobin’s platform uses advanced algorithms to analyze candidate responses and provide detailed insights into their technical skills, making it a more accurate tool for assessing developer capabilities.

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