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Online Diff Checker Tools to Compare Text in Two or More Files

Online Diff Checker Tools

Whether you are looking for duplicates or you want to ensure there are no duplicates in your writing, identifying text similarities and differences sounds like a challenge. Using a online diff checker will make your life easier.

While there are lots of programs and software to get the job done, most diff checkers are accessible online through your browser – quick and convenient. Here are some of the best-rated diff checkers out there.

A Few Words About Diff Checkers

A diff checker is a tool that allows comparing a few documents – or chunks of text. They are used for different purposes. Some people check for plagiarism – such as professors. Some others check for plagiarism on their work before submitting it – students, bloggers, and so on.

Diff checkers can be used for different purposes; apart from checking different types of text documents, some of them can even compare images and find differences between them. They save time and provide more efficient results.

Top Six Online Diff Checker Tools

Top Six Online Diff Checker Tools


Draftable allows you to try pretty much everything before committing to a subscription. It offers a generous free trial offer – you might as well use it for the trial if you only need a few comparisons.

The platform requires no training and no setup whatsoever. Comparisons can be downloaded or even shared with others in the team.

You can use Draftable over the Internet, but you can also use it on desktops and can even integrate it into an app.

You can compare different file types, including PDF files or spreadsheets. Everything can be viewed in a side-by-side window for easy results.


Diffchecker will help you find differences between text documents, PDFs, spreadsheet documents, or pictures. It can be used online but also has a software version for different operating systems.

Online Diff checker has a free plan, but those who use it regularly can also opt for the premium package for a bunch of exclusive features.

Based on what documents you compare, you can find differences line by line or perhaps get a slider zoom – more common for pictures, though.

The version for desktop computers will allow you to compare folders, too. All in all, text documents are checked almost instantly – images and PDFs take a bit longer.

Text Compare

Text Compare is suitable for everyone, especially beginners who only need a diff checker for a few documents. It is excellent if you want to avoid plagiarism in an assessment or perhaps find plagiarism.

The online software is pretty simple to use – no need for experience. Simply copy and paste the first block of text into the first window and the second one into the other window. Click compare and watch it do the magic.

It is mostly aimed at newbies because there are no fancy extras. Still, some people may not even need them – finding differences in PDF files, images, spreadsheets, and other similar documents.

Some may find the copy/paste process a bit time-consuming, but it depends on the text. Overall, the process is straightforward – and, more importantly, free.


DiffNow is excellent for marketing purposes and can compare multiple types of files. You can copy/paste text yourself but also upload different file types or even enter website links for comparisons.

Folders – even compressed folders – can be compared. There is plenty of customization, too. For example, no one cares about white spaces or line breaks.

There are two types of accounts – the free one will allow you to perform 20 comparisons, regardless of the file type or size. The premium one offers unlimited comparisons and costs less than your daily cappuccino.

DiffNow takes things a bit further, and while not relevant to most marketing specialists, it will also compare codes – C, C++, JavaScript, HTML, etc.


Editpad keeps things simple and never disappoints. Forget about posh diff checkers and go back to basics. You can upload files, which is a great thing – no need to copy/paste.

You can compare most text files, as well as PDF files. The program shows you how far into the project, so you know precisely how long to wait for the final result.

It has a simple and warm color theme – mustard yellow – to keep light mild on your eyes. There are no advanced or sophisticated features.

To keep bots away, Editpad relies on captcha – if you need to compare lots of different documents, the captcha verification could be a bit repetitive and annoying.

Copyleaks Text Compare

Copyleaks Text Compare has been originally designed as a plagiarism tool. It helps find plagiarism – suitable for those who check against it and those who do not want to be caught with it.

Over the past years, the platform has also become a solid diff checker, allowing different options – copy/paste the text, enter the URL for the text, or upload files.

Copyleaks Text Compare allows you to compare more than just two files, making it stand out in the crowd. Upload more files, and you will find differences straight away.

The most popular file types to compare include TXT, DOC, PDF, PPT, and HTML. The comparison report will be available online, but you can also download it for free.

Bottom Line

Any of these online diff checkers will most likely give you good results. At the end of the day, it depends on what you need and the files you want to compare. 

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