Warehouse Supervisor Psychometric Assessment

Warehouse Supervisor psychometric assessment ideally assess the candidates on soft skills that a warehouse supervisor is expected to possess. Xobin’s warehouse supervisor psychometric assessment is designed to assess the following attributes of the candidates:


Job Skills

Supply chain – Includes skills and understanding of basic supply chain activities and terminologies.
Warehouse management – Includes the ability to work effectively and manage a warehouse .
Assertive – Includes the ability to put across a decisive point.
Diplomatic – Includes the ability to have a balanced speech.
General Intelligence
Analysis ability – Includes the ability to understand and analyze complex problems.
Logical ability – Includes ability to understand patterns, relations and reasoning ability.
Managerial Ability
People management – Ability to speak tactfully
Process management – Includes the ability to identify and pitch the right cost.
Determination – Includes ability to take proactive steps to complete task at all costs
Responsibility – Includes the ability to be take ownership of all tasks.
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