Java Web Fundamentals assessment

Servlets could in principle communicate over any client–server protocol, but they are most often used with the HTTP protocol. A software developer may use a servlet and JSP to add dynamic content to a web server using the Java platform. Find the most suitable candidates for your organization with Java Web Fundamentals Assessment – designed and validated by industry experts.

The Java Web Fundamentals Assessment shall include questions on the following topics:

Servlets :
– Servlet LifeCycle
– Forms
– Handling GET Methods Using Servlets
– Handling Form Data Using Servlets
– Servlet Filter Methods
– Cookies and Session Data Using Servlets
– Log4j for Debugging
– Servlet Metadata and Annotations

– JSP Scriptlets, Declaration
– Using JSP Directives
– JSTL Core Tags, Functional Tags, XML Tags

Java Web Fundamentals is used by engineering teams at companies like Oracle, Fidelity, Morgan Stanley and Google.

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