Front-End Web Developer Assessment

A Web Developer is responsible for design and implementation of visual elements within a web application. HTML5 along with CSS 3 and Javascript are the cornerstone technology used by most websites to create visually engaging webpages and user interfaces for web applications. The Web Developer Assessment test assesses candidates’ knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 as well as their ability to utilize JavaScript and jQuery to manipulate the Document Object Model built from HTML and CSS.

This test is ideal for pre-employment screening. The Assessment shall incude questions on the following topics:

HTML5 :- HTML Forms and Tags, Media, APIs, Semantic Elements, Graphics

CSS3 :- Pseudo Class Property, CSS Tables, Descendent Selector, Box Models, 2D, 3D Transformation, LESS, SASS & Twitter Bootstrap

Javascript :- Selectors & Events, Effects, DOM, Plugins, Widgets, AJAX

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